So...the Offering: Your Magic Number


Many of you are requesting support to pull profits online, so we'll focus here. Online business is a rabbit hole of exponential tunnels. I don't want you freaking out, which every. single. online. entrepreneur. does. So, okay, I guess I can't control that. BUT. Really. You only have to do a couple of things. The right things. {evil laugh. hahhahhaha} The right ones for you.


Recently Vidda freed me when she said, "What's your power number?  Use it for everything." Yes, with a mom's authority. 


SEVEN. Just thinking of it feels good to me. It's different than my numerology numbers - which are important to know & absolutely on. It's just a number that strengthens me. (I think I was seven, actually, when Hello Kitty magazine assigned it to me. They were right) And, it has it's own numerological meaning, of course. 


Well. Holy number magic. In every domain of my life, it's crazy how much pressure has been removed. How much clarity came into play. How much I don't have to do, to take on, to accept or to navigate. Because if the problem/opportunity/solution/
adventure/invitation/piece of furniture/coffee date/pool party isn't in my precious chosen SEVEN, then that means... well let's be honest. That means I can't handle it. Not with grace. <~ KEY



No thank you. 

No thank you. 

No thank you.

I mean, there's already 6 people in my house. This means only one grandparent at a time! Only one playdate at a time. Only one friend in my life that day - or week! Only one thing. PHEW.


And. The joy. The inspiration I can bring to each thing! My energy is not disseminated. I am very happy to say - I can't! My dance card is filled. 


So what Is your power number?


Use it to focus your efforts, because copyrighting, curriculum-shuffling & implementing technology bits can be overwhelming. If you don't have a power number - oh, NICE. You get to pick one. As always, your body will tell you. But you can also pick by aligning the symbolic power of each number with your energetic address & beacons. I'm fairly certain they will be the same. 


If not, let me know! More learning for me on how you realize. More awe, for me.

xx, Maya