freeing up space.

It's a New Lunar Year. That tangled mess you sit amongst? From over here, it's an exquisite gesture, the shape of your nest, your roots, your seeds. It looks lovely from here & it will look altogether different in the next season. We're in the tides of the first New Moon where we have support from Mercury, so I'm feeling the beginning, the fresh slate, the real momentum for the first time this year. 

-This week we have been noshing on {gf} Momofuku-style Steamed Buns & stuffing them with curry-fried tofu, sweet chutneys & pickled veggies. I am in joy.

-Kristina set up a primer on the Tarot as a practice in building intuition (& also whipped up The Lunar Womb). Galia whispers to us of Kuan Yin, my mother's Buddha. I can speak to the gentle compassion & tenacious stand she brings to one's home.

-I gave my life the gift of a day-long medicine walk focused on MB's Tower Card Sessions. It was powerful the first time, as a 15-day course. As a single-day practice, it was a full-on birthing. She's offering up Seduce Yourself, a 28-day practice in Self-Love. My take is in there, too.

-I also began Fierce Grace.  These meditations are a new practice for me, & I am savoring the deep oxygen & subtle sense of solid pulsing thru my cells. It's a physical, tangible experience of the gentle + fierce, & completely aligned with MOONRISE|13.

We are in huge family transitions, business completions, + planning a cross-country move. I intend for this practice, paired with my vows, spontaneous living room dancing, chocolate, walks, flower elixirs, & passage meditations to buoy me into a year of change. I'm feeling more buffet than discipline, & letting myself choose a couple of things to fit into each day, with the loving-kindness intention of letting each thing be a gift, the offering, to myself, to my work, to the Eternal. What practices are you setting up, to ground your now + forward your highest impulse?


From Tisha Morris

"Let go or be dragged." - Zen Proverb
Between an epic snowstorm, Mercury retrograde, and early departures, 2016 started out with quite a bit of turbulence. With the Chinese New Year upon us, we can now take a moment to look at the year ahead. If you haven’t had a chance to do some visioning for 2016, it’s not too late. Here are some things to expect.
The Chinese New Year on February 8th is the Year of the Fire Monkey. The Sheep of 2015 has been sheared and it’s time to grab a banana and go, go, go! You’ll need the extra potassium for stamina. The best way to navigate this year is to stay flexible, agile, and expect the unexpected. Best not to look down. Leap from moment to moment using your intuition while maintaining a playful sense of humor.
The bigger story for 2016 is it being a numerological 9-year. In numerology, the number nine holds the vibration of completion. Like volunteering at a homeless shelter (9 represents humanitarianism too), completion is no easy task and yet incredibly rewarding.
Completion inherently involves releasing.
Anything and everything that is no longer serving your highest and best interest (aka, your soul) has to go. It is time to end any thoughts, habits, beliefs, people, places, or things that are no longer worthy of moving forward with you into the new.
The wheel of life is asking from us a tall order. No longer can go ignored the clutter in our lives – on the level of mind, body, or home. Clearing, purging, detoxing, purifying, and releasing are paramount this year. No one gets off the hook this year. Get your Goodwill gears in order now.
For me, the Universe threw me back to my hometown to literally clean out my closet and any relationship issues still lingering from past oversights. Guilty as charged! Speaking of, anything remotely related to guilt, shame, resentments, or regrets must go. They are like leg weights that will keep you rooted in old suffering.
Purification may have already occurred for some of you during January (while Mercury was in retrograde) or it could rear its head gradually throughout the year. For those who have already cleared the skeletons from their closets, major breakthroughs are afoot.
If 2016 is sounding like a chore, let me assure you that the gifts that come from lightening your load are well worth it and will lead you to your dreams in miraculous ways. With each layer of density released you will be the Fire Monkey jumping tree to tree with joy and ease.

My beloveds, before we talk about the {emotionally + psychologically complex world of} monetization & build in full speed, next week, we need still to make more room. There's not enough spaciousness yet. Yes, still. Not until you can actually be still, & that be okay. Not until what seems so urgent can be given up completely, is there actually choice present. And when there is choice, there is power. Room to play. And then the surge of new perspective & creativity.


I've put together a bunch of comprehensive business basics based on your Full Moon Check-Ins. It can be overwhelming with out some laser focus. When you don't have to fix, change, or better yourself, your business, or anyone you believe needs you, then you have freedom to walk (out + on). And it's the free souls that speak & share & create with a sense of lightness that brings the rest of us up. 


There's also a need to bring in Archetypes, as anchors. Here's a video I did recently on how the Liberator archetype walks in choice or bondage, & is empowered in relationship to a few other archetypes.  This was for an oracle card making course called Inner Alchemy. Start at 2:00. The password, of course, is =  risingtides  =.

So the goal is Stillness while still being *given*. Not a perpetual, unattainable stillness. Just for this next hour. Grab a pen & paper, & fill up a page with each answer:


What am I not forwarding now? {This is about the next 6 months. Make declarations. Give up projects. Give up old dreams. Let go of obligations. Drop things you keep writing down that have no juice. Write down the thing you have to do that you seriously don't want to do. Admit that the most delicious, juicy thing you want to do, that you aren't ready to do yet isn't in the next six months. Include all the domains of your life, the hobbies, the job, the diet, the travel, the friends, the shopping, the revenue goals, the marketing, the having a baby or finding love or a plumber or learning to make gin. Everything you aren't actually doing now.}


What's urgent? {What comes up that must be handled? The incessant, daily, weekly, monthly, frequent musts? What domains are most urgent? What is actually taking up the hours of your life? Why are they urgent?}


What's Important? {Truly. To you.}


Great. That's what's important to us. Most people are given by the urgent.

Icons, beacons & angels work with what's important. 

xx, Maya