Full Moon Purge & Preservation

From New Moon to New Moon, this is the light with which we build. It is the dark, the mystery that brings the miracles, while the light brings creative clarity. With the light of this 13th Full Moon, we can take stock of these miracles, along with all that's been, & see clearly the dust of the year. Let's spend the next 24 hours purging what's off, & preserving what's on.  



A large mason jar.

1-3 pieces of Moonstone, clean.

Paper + a permanent fine-tip marker.



Today we will be moving thru our spaces here, purging the physical objects that feel dead, dull & dreary. While we're at it, we are also sweeping thru this last compass year, considering the moves that were half-hearted, or well-intentioned, but under-fueled. We are forgiving the mis-takes, the mis-steps & the misunderstandings. We're looking at the friendships, partnerships & collaborations that aren't vital, vibrant & effusive. We don't need to use any force or take action. Purge your space, & send an energetic glance in the direction of what's not needed. Call upon Kali, or your own dark goddess, to, as we sing, "Burn it all away, Kali, burn it all away, if it doesn't serve Kali, burn it all away." All things return to the detritus. Blessings. 



All the blessings you've infused into your life have created a foundation of goodness, truth & beauty. Make a list of high points, breakthrus, angels & miracles that you want to preserve & bring into the next 13 months. Begin humming your ceremonial tune, you know, the one that comes to you when you get quiet. Let the prayer move thru you; it's not your prayer, but that of Earth, the Ancestors & the Eternal inviting you into your brightest gesture as a conduit for more brightness. Tape this to your mason jar, filled with fresh spring water. Add your moonstone. Cover it with a cloth or leave it open to the sky. Let it rest under the Full Moon.

As the next year unfolds, add bits of your Full Moon water to your baths, drinking water, soups (after it's on the table, don't cook it), & tinctures. Sip it when you are wanting catalyze projects, conference calls, webinars & presentations. Soak in it when you are feeling down, unsure, unclear & unsettled. Hum your tune. Feel into yourSelf, as conduit. Let your cells be cleansed with brightness, while the rest washes away. 


May you glimmer on this Full Moon. It's been a year of great co-creation. (We still have another two weeks together!) Bowing down. Head-to-Floor.