Mouse Wins. Surprise. {Eagle & Mouse}


Eagle came with some fierce indifference, & I had to find the bright attributes of my current sequence, as a woman, as a single person in society's larger needs, as a mother who works. As a mouse, it turns out. The answers that came point to the opportunities of being in our lives, not just in our spiritual practice. If you are looking to scale out, Country Mouse is thriving, abundant, & prolific. She feeds comfortably on the many, many options - including the mess that other leave on the table. (In business, this refers to every opportunity that others failed to take!) Her gesture is foraging + harvesting. Her pace is curious + relaxed + on purpose. Her commitment is maternal

I thanked eagle for all of us, for showing up as a consistent teacher & guide. The next day, I received this feather, sticking straight up in the woods by my window. Straight up. 


Sit with the symbology of City Mouse & Country Mouse. And wonder what it might mean to pick up after the mess of others. What it might mean to work from your innate gesture, in your natural habitat. To sit & savor & surrender into the dignity of your specific limitations, the seeming traps of your people, circumstances & events. 

And how you can thrive from what others leave on the table.

And remember your practice. There is no real perspective, & our values are lost without it.

Love. Humility. Curiosity.