Sister, we are in a multitude of revolutions.  

At this moment my heart is bursting with the full weather of a women's emotions. There is so much good. And there is so much still tragic. Life's 10,000 joys & 10,000 sorrows. 


And I know that you are in your own creative tension. The space between the sweetness of your own life, the actual capacity of the life you have been given, & the almost bizarre combination of privilege, deprivation, brilliance, neglect, talent, & abandonment that only you know. Only you feel the precious beloveds you hold in your daily attentions, that deserve every moment of your gaze in this life. 

And this is why we collaborate. This is why we are here, returning to a way when women get their chores done & their needs met by the efforts of a community. 

And. We have a larger responsibility. Women hold the boys as they become men. Women are the ones who once told them when to stop. 





We must each enter into a program of voice recovery. I don't know what that means to you.

Because your voice might mean your hands, as you make. Your voice might be the thumbs you sit on while a woman births. Your voice might be the sway in your hips, or the soil on your feet as you stand determined to work with the soil. Your voice might be tired legs, making pancakes & washing dishes upon dishes.


With honest tears in my eyes I thank you.

A rare Luna Moth, a male, has come forward to thank you.


He came thru the woods, because he is attracted to the moon & the light.  He follows the scent of female, the scent of one who forwards life. He is huge, almost 5 inches, with false eyes to protect his short, week-long life. Both males & females come without mouths! They are not here to eat, their voice is their ability to love, their one purpose. To love.
{Science would say it's to reproduce. We know better.}


Like you, Luna Moth is here to perpetuate a series of cycles. To perpetuate transformation: 

Connect. Love. Lay down life. Die inside the promise of new life. Hatch.



Eat. Molt.

Eat. Molt.

Eat. Molt.

Spin a protective cocoon & turn to mush. Leave the protection & climb with wet wings to new heights. Pulse. When night comes...Flight. Towards the light. 


Ah, there is so much gorgeous life & death in all of that. So many moments of protection. Of right timing. Of waiting. Of building up & shedding. 

There are byproducts to all of this. These are the Satuniidae, the Giant Silkworms. Their silk, their protection, given by an impulse to love & perpetuate life, is stronger than steel. This is true.

This is true for you, too. 

The shelters you weave are stronger than steel. 


They have two generations each year, those that know to sleep in their cocoons thru Winter, & those that come after them, thru the Spring & Summer. 

This is true for you, two. 

You know when to rest. You know when to sit inside of a protective nest. You know when your seasons are. {And. What do you think of birthing in a big way, only twice a year?}


I am fascinated by how they collect nourishment & grow, then molt, 5 times in the course of weeks.  They change, fast. Unattached to outer skins. On Purpose. 

How fast can you move thru old shells? Can you grow fast, in service to the light & the love?


This doesn't mean you need to put yourself out there in ways that aren't right for you. They fly, only at night, in Spring and early Summer.  Of course they are glamorous. 

When is it right, for you? What is your glamour?


They use the dark as a protective cloak, & have those big false eyes to deter predators. 

It's okay to have your boundaries. To move in the dark. I am this way. I like to work behind the scenes. And sometimes it's more than okay to be seen for what you actually are. 


But then again, maybe you need to move thru 5 cycles of nourishment, growth & shedding before you, too, can produce 200 eggs.

Are there five books, or bits of knowing you are wanting to follow? Or 5 patterns you are ready to transform & shed for forever?


Or maybe you have grown enough, & you need to retreat. 


Some of you have been building nonstop our entire time together. And your brain is turning to mush. Please. Stop. Take space. Trust that you've grown & built & shed & now you need to break down in peace.


When you come out, you will see the strength of what you've already built. Take some space for re-entry. And you will have glamour. And you will have wings. 

You also will have a new balance between your masculine & feminine. It's a paradigm shift. You will be a different source of light for others, attracting new collaborations. And you will have a new nose for those poised to forward life with your partnership.

After so many years of seeking nourishment in the form of other's wisdom schools, & other thought leaders, you are ready to lead your own conversations. Yes, you do this some already. 



Luna Moth is a mystic, usually connected to psychic knowing & the feminine. But this is a male, asking you to trust in your power. In your ability to fertilize your own. To balance your quiet & shadows with a showy glamour. To keep boundaries, keep your seasons & to enjoy this process fully, as the cycles are short, & life is short. You are a gift, one who illuminates. You don't need to crawl, you don't need to inch along, & you don't need to munch on just leaves. Your Way, completely unique to you, is your voice, & it's given by love. A gift for the world. Needed.


Thank you. Again & again.