I keep beginning & erasing sentences here. Sometimes I guess you just have to write that, to begin. There's something about stones, & the way they hold truth, that feels like it shouldn't be spoken about. Do you feel this?  I know so many of us collect rocks. Not just crystals, but rocks, the kind that call us, that ask to be lifted, & turned & rubbed between the thumb & the pads of our fingers. The kinds that hold the essence of a place.

It feels a bit to me like those power names, that some are given at birth or ceremony, the ones that are to be kept close, never spoken, or revealed, except to create a portal. There is a holographic quality to stones: to hold one is to be transported to the frequency of a specific geography - all that has happened there, & all that will happen, there. 

So I can't resist filling my pockets. Can you?

My older brother has always thrown stone as his oracle of choice. His relationship to Viking Runes is truly intimate, & I've spent my life watching him seek solace & answers thru his many sets. When I found these flat, quartz-striped granite bars in Mendocino recently, they asked to be made into a set of runes. I invite you to make a set, as well. While all oracles train the reticular function, fine-tune our frequency, & sharpen our ability to realize intentions, stone has the foundational stability to anchor our intentions with an ancient staying power.

So use your stone oracle to guide games when you're playing for keeps.

To take this further, create a jar of liquid salt to sip as you work with the runes. Our modern soil is mostly depleted of minerals, so a little solarized salt water activates the electricity in our brains, waking us up & speeding connections. 

To make it, simply place a few large crystals of pink salt into a jar, then cover to the top with water. This happens to be Himalayan rock salt, available at most health food stores. We have also purchased huge rocks of Utah Ancient Real Salt at the animal feed store for cheap. Just give them a good brush scrubbing under hot water to slough off the outer layer. If you can't find large salt crystals, fill the jar with water, almost to the top.  Add crushed salt, & stirring to dissolve. Keep adding more until you have so much it doesn't dissolve. Keep this jar in a sunny spot, to capture the bright, warmth, joy & power of the sun.

I take a tablespoon of solarized salt water every day, mixed in a tall glass of water. Now I'll be taking that glass while I consult my Runes.

 It doesn't really matter if you find stones that are distinctly flat, they just need to be more or less uniform with two sides to them. This is the Rune symbology I inherited, though I think it's maybe more powerful to find the words that speak to your archetypes & their edges. Mark one side of each stone with a sharpie, some waterproof paint, or nail polish enamel.


Mostly it's important to have an honest relationship with your stones. When you ask a spot of Earth for permission to bring them home, make an offering of prayer, maybe leaving a bit of dried herbs, a rock cairn, or empty your diva cup. When you ask the stones for their help of truth & stability, make them a vow to live & work inside the principles of truth & stability. 

Now YOU become the geographic "home" for your stones. They will gladly be infused with your complexity, & hold the promise of all that will happen for you.


So if you have a listening for yourself that you are a hot mess, that ends now. If you have inherited conversations about yourself as a wreck, overwhelmed, in poverty, unstable, flaky, flighty, dangerous, damaging, combustive, or basket-caseish, that ends now.


"When you pray, enter the room, as if for the last time." 

Yes, we are back to the beginning. Again. And you've changed in every way.



With each sip of your salt water, & every thrown stone, you anchor yourself, as a stabilizing force of truth.

You stabilize your life, & life itself. You stabilize your friendships & that stabilizes your community. You stabilize your movement, & the movements of others. You stabilize your body. You stabilize your family. You stabilize your work. You stabilize your message. You stabilize society.



And so it is.