Full Moon Feast.


Full Moon in Capricorn
27 degrees
July 19 | 22:57



Oh goodness. It's hard to imagine that any of us could be more full than this. In all the ways. 

I want to honor the elegance of who you've been Being.

I think when we are consciously building, with eyes, hearts & minds wide open to what's needed in this current chaos, it’s easy to forget to stop & celebrate the co-creations, the current collaborations, & the concrete conversations we are hosting. It’s easier to keep our eye on the "goal," because that’s what we’ve been taught - get to high school, plan your way to college, & find a funnel (er, career) to squeeze into. Of course families & communities don't grow in straight lines & tight tunnels. So things might feel taught.

And yet, you *have* been celebrating. From your shares, directly & also on your platforms & social media, I've seen so much balance. So much charisma in your Way with the current moment. Being where you are. Doing what you're doing.

I'll be feasting to you tonight. I know many of us will be feasting under the moon tonight, celebrating our accomplishments this last year. I hope you join us where you are.


So...the Offering:

Pack a celebratory picnic of your favorite high-energy treats, & gift yourself with a horizon-soak, under the full moon. Let yourself indulge in the long view, while also holding the Great Fullness. In full brightness, let yourself soak in what you have, the gifts of what you have to do, & what you’ve done with those gifts thus far.  Release the rest.

This is what life looks like when it’s working. 

MOONRISE|13 follows the gesture of Capricorn, the goat that loves to find it's place at the top of the mountain. It's a practice in ascending, elevating, & rising our  perspective, our understanding, & ultimately our voices into their brightest expressions. 

And, of course, we are mere mortals! These are a few of my favorite tinctures for tempering any energy that's "over the top." You know. Overwhelm. Overfilling. Overworking. Overexcitement. Overseeing. Overthinking. Overestimating. Overreaching. Overextending.  

Just naming them off feels like too much. I'll stop there. You know your overage. You can get these at the local health/whole foods shop, or right here




White Chestnut

Encourages a peaceful & calm mind when thoughts are going round & round in your head. Perfect for when you are stuck on a neural loop.


Helps you relax when you are overexcited or very driven.


Allows you to develop your natural leadership without being domineering & inflexible.


Allows for your ease at making big life changes & fulfilling ambitions free from the influence of others.


Allows the naturally strong to take breaks without struggling on without breaks.


So this Full Moon, I invite you to let yourself (and others!) off the hook. We must continue to make our lives into movements, bringing in support at every possible chance. And supporting others in the ways that are ease*full* and obvious.

Actually those are great questions to ask when you are invited in. Is it easeful? Is it obvious? Let your body tell you. The answers might be "no," but your body might say "hell yes."


That's pretty much how I feel about you.

xx, Maya