So...the Offering: Drop the Cargo. Zoom Past It


With Mars still in retrograde, everything is taking forever. Things are moving slowly, & there's plenty of hurry-up-and-wait, despite the fact that you are working it. Well. Are you working it?

It's easy to find ourselves deep in social media, because it's addicting. Remember, the oxytocin hits let you know you're all in with the tribe, & it confuses your biology into relaxing. It's easy to find ourselves in the fridge, peering for goodies. For myself, it's really easy to set up my work space & family, & then unconsciously head out for a long, long walk. I believe we are in right time & right place. That this is all good parasympathetic, deep ahhhhh-inducing work. And all the stalls that keep showing up are part of the greater balance.

And for those who've been reporting deep tensions & tustles, well...we are in Gemini. The lesson here is to include all of it. And all the planets in retrograde this month are talk-it-thru planets. So we have to do lots of talking. Negotiating. Listening & speaking to learn, not to agree or disagree. It will look like stand-offs. It will look like dead-ends. It can look like a series of triumphs of the human Spirit. It can look like investing in each other long term, seeing & being seen. So we need to free up energy for this kind of thing.

And so how do we focus on creating, profits & launches, when Mars does not bring his power punch until August 22nd - when we are winding down MOONRISE|13?  How do we get everything we came here for? We must also bring another layer of momentum & commitment to compensate for the universal slow-down.



I took a sail this morning. It's not my usual - sailing scares the shit out of me. There's a lot of yelling, bars flying around, jumping or crawling from one side of the boat to the other, to lean, LEAN, or else we're flipping over. And then we are in the water. {There's sharks in there} And then there is the unattractive athletic feat of jumping on keels to make everything come right. It's an exact science, and one that requires riding the winds. The invisible currents.

It's business. 

And actually, if someone is committed enough to bring all the pieces & people together, and to *lead,* it's insanely fun. An adventure. A medium risk, with higher reward. Those winds are gateways & opportunities for moments of mastery & momentum. To catch them is to have your hair blown back, to laugh, & to collaborate in complete & total freedom.

Sailing fast, & the high of catching choice winds, doesn't work well if there's too much cargo on board. 


You need to lighten the ship.


I needed to! Saturn*s Sister, a circle/school we've created with M|13 sister Tiff DeLancy, has an author/sisterkeeper/muse collective with over 3 million followers on Instagram & email. All of them have been waiting for me to say "go!" Me, too.  It's been moving at the speed of molasses while I focus on you guys, & in my life.

So last week I looked all over the house for things I could toss & purge. Not little things, but things that equaled the weight I wanted to move forward. I couldn't find anything. It needed to be big, something that, if dropped, could be like cutting the anchor chains.

So I excavated my more subtle stress & found...two precious, & seemingly needed email accounts: had all my assistant's market research. Opt-ins, lead magnets, freebies, interviews, case studies from my clients, their credit cards & personal, private applications. Maps from their sessions., held testimonials galore from 2010-2014. All the personal, sweet email from our alumni & also from those I shared stage time with as a speaker. There was also evidence against clients that had no integrity. Somewhere I've always intended to mine this account for everything I "needed." Someday.


These were my treasure chests, full of ores & precious things. And so...I hit delete. On both accounts. POOF.


I am 8 years younger. I have no evidence. No testimonials. No research. I am a beginner again. 


Ready to learn how to sail. I am humbled. And I am getting a LOT done. I am seeing what's missing. I am sitting down at my desk & doing the work, while being with my family in a way that feels easy, & calm. We are eating brighter meals, & playing, because I'm inspired. I am strangely stoked at having to really do some work here.


So...the Offering...Drop the Cargo. Zoom Past It.


What can you drop, that's holding a lot of emotional & heavy significance? What subtle security is tethering you to an anchor of scarcity? Can you cut the chains?  How can you hit delete? Let the release be a prayer for velocity, & a declaration of lightness. Give it to the ethers for transmutation. Zoom past it. 

You can't lose what's truly yours. 

xx, Maya