I do believe in effort. I honor all your effort. 

And there are these winds of ease. These moments of grace. 

Kite appeared, like this, for the first time ever. I didn't know, actually, who I was looking at - she's like an owl, and a pigeon. A seagull, & a swallow.

She also reminds me a bit of Archangel Raphael, the bouncer of the Universe. My oldest, Mahal, has talked intimately to him, his whole life, to keep him safe. From 4-7 years old, when he had post-traumatic stress disorder from my illnesses, he used be terrified to sleep; he said he could see everyone, over times before & times coming. He would cover his head & call Raphael, then I'd hear murmuring, & soon enough I'd see his stiff body soften under the covers. He'd lower the sheets & say, "Okay, he's here."


I had been wondering about my own sanity this week, as I am completing our M|13 time together, setting up the field guides & automations for next season, & also watching the authors, sister keepers & muse collective line up for Saturn*s Sister. I don't like a lot of work on my plate. I like freedom. I like it more than everything, & anything at all.

So when I saw this hawkish angel, I couldn't help but murmur, "Okay. She's here."


That night one of the "pro-Instagrammers," a gentle & natural minimalist with 122k followers, sent me a request: "Can we be set up as affiliates? So that those of us who are struggling can get some help, now? As influencers we give a lot, & I love to support smaller artists who can't pay us, but instead send us clothes, & beautiful handmade things. I don't work with the bigger companies that can pay us, but sell junk. I really feel good about this, & I feel REALLY excited about Saturn*s Sister, like I can make an income aligned with my values. I will do whatever it takes to make this work!"

Okay. She's here.


This is what it looks like to have a healthy collaboration make itself known.

Saturn*s Sister was created because one of you - a MOONRISE sister had built an Instagram following of 50k, but no income. Two more MOONRISE sisters said, "Can someone else PLEASE do all the marketing for us, while we just make content & teach?" BOOM

Let me break down some numbers for you guys.

-The average million-dollar business has just over 1k followers

-50k + 144k followers = A small, self-sustaining economy


Now that there's a chance to get paid for promotion, the others are ecstatic. And that means...dunt-da-dah! LESS WORK FOR ME.

And overnight, we are less a business, & more of a co-op. A platform. A movement. 


So this is the gift of Kite. She is the *most* graceful in her flight, & teaches us how. 

When asked to do affiliate links, I could have said no. That it slices into our profit. But grace says "YES. Sure. I don't know how. How do you do it?"


Kite asks you to observe carefully as resources appear from thin air. She shows you how to maximize results with little or no effort.

Why should you spend years building up a list of followers, when your gift is elsewhere? Or why should you create content or teach, if you are an artist, musician or chef who inspires others & has a gorgeous following? Or doesn't, but can find others who do? Or whatever your gifts & your missings - the nourishment needed to make your initiative a movement are there. In the field.


Kite is a skimmer, bringing a black-&-white perspective to the fields below her. She's able to move into the scurry with a sense of gilded skill & balance, gliding with speed to collect her nourishment. She is a bit in the spirit world, & informed by an unseen knowing. 

Skim the field, balancing your intuition with an analytical eye. Notice the information, the resources, the people who are positioning themselves for their own advancement, glory, impact & transformation. Notice the ones that need you & what you offer. This is where you will find your nourishment. Go in. Trust it. The Eternal, as always, is somehow feeding your impulse. Everything you really need is right there. 


And when they ask you for what they need, trust in your capacity. Say YES. Sure. I don't know how. How do you do it?

xx, Maya




Photo: Jason Crotty/Flickr Creative Commons