So...the Offering: Your Big Talk


"People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it." Simon Sinek


Whether you are a business owner, a movement builder, or a dancer, your audience wants to be moved. People don't want to be sold anything, ever. We want to feel, & we want to join something that magnifies our best understanding, with new possibilities.

We also want to be alive, & we invest in "supplements," or experiences that magnify our sense of pulse. Humans don't generally realize they are measuring resonance, but we all do - our entire magnetic field is trying to keep us each healthy & vibrant & alive. Lack of confidence, hustling, scarcity, stale breakthrus & regurgitated concepts are repelling to the field. So you want to have ideas, concepts, & art that are clean, clean, clean. 


When it comes to building authority, it's really just a matter of placing yourself above the line of super-credibility. How? By teaching. 

For seemingly silent marketing, forgo marketing for teaching. Share the best you have. 

The fastest way to clarify your core teachings is to generate a TED-style talk. The creative constraint of 18 minutes forces your most distilled ideas.


For the next month, begin recording yourself as much as possible:

"I believe..."

After a few days of this, you will notice a few spider-silk threads, strong enough to build a web, a shelter, and even a landscape with.

Don't worry yet about forming a full talk. Start with "I believe..."

We will work with your talk for a few weeks. For now, work with the fullness of our moon, & let your beliefs spill.

Start from your edge. For my wordsmiths, it's not about beliefs, it's about voice. For those who use their voices, strengthen your concepts. For those who overflow with concepts, what are the stories that mingle with those beliefs? For those with just stories, yes! Not only is it true that "facts tell, stories sell," stories move us. They change us & shift us & open our eyes & our beliefs. Your stories will cause us to act different. So your edge is being with the audience. What do you believe? 

I adore this talk for so many reasons. Simon Sinek discusses the principal behind every successful person and business. A simple but powerful model for how leaders inspire action, starting with a golden circle and the question "Why?"

xx, Maya