So...the Offering: YOU. BUSINESS. DIFFERENT.


Continue to zero in on your building gesture, because this is what you are *perpetuating*, that is, this is what you are forwarding, building, catalyzing.

Perpetuation refers to persistence, continuation, momentum, & existence.

An idea/movement/conversation/impulse that doesn't perpetuate is a blink. An idea that persists is not only relevant to those that engage, it exists. It builds upon itself, like a snowball, hopefully, getting better. Elders with work of importance are considered founders of seed work, like Joanna Macy. (That site is confusing, but filled with caverns of precious jewels)

As much as we want alignment at very level, we are different than our work, because we shift when we have an audience, or need to bring others into play.

Kelly did some beautiful work, above, by distinguishing between her own gesture, & that of her brand, Umberdove. This is so brilliant - I wonder if much of the confusion that comes thru is the collapse between ourselves & our sacred commerce or leadership in vocation? Think about how you would do things if you didn't need support, or clients, or money? Or to make a difference at the level of community?

Kelly put the Building Gesture Map prompts down the central line, and placed her own building gesture on the left, with Umberdove's gesture on the right. They're so different!

Your work has it's own way, it's own spirit, guides, archetypes & community. Same with your family. Same with your country. For now, distinguish between your Self & your Work. This isn't to give you more to do, but less to do. For instance,


This comes thru in her writing. It's part of how she translates for others the deep meaning she finds in nature. But in her own life, that connection is instant & immediate. 


Her brand is gentle, intuitive & brings pieces together with intense reverence. In her personal life she riots. Irreverent.

Your real life & real gesture give birth to your work. Chart it out. See what happens. Or just feel into it. This is all just alchemy. This is the way that women have always created & forwarded life: bringing things together. Letting them brew. Trying things out. It's playful.



If you are about monetizing, generating in*flow, & having some working cash, then you need to:

a. Get crystal about your work's focus. And be consistent + the best at making it accessible. Now folks know who to go to, when they need that energy (products), or focused support for that thing (information/service). 


b. Bring your mystery + complexity. But you've got to be willing to be epic. You need to assert a certain level of leadership, expertise & promises in order to make a consistent income off of your individuality. Now folks know, like & trust you, & can obsess over the different aspects of your work that they need.

So pick one.

Otherwise it's just totally confusing for your clients & constituents.


Perpetuation is about how much are you continuing to exist past your own efforts. 

For example, I am quiet & private. I prefer intimate circles & targeted conversations. My work is big & community-based, inclusive & open-ended. 

In my private life, my adrenals finally crashed after all these deaths. I have mostly been in a place of deep sweetness, but there's no denying the time it takes to attend to life lost.  As I've gone to catch up, my body consistently declines, & I need to spend some time in deep rest each day & each full night. Meanwhile, my movements have perpetuated themselves! The birthing + collaborative gestures I've made in the past thru calls, conversations, meetings, mappings, & gatherings have created others in my life who are still doing the work:


-Morgan cleans & clears my space while I am asleep. 

This took me having that breakthru in paying for + receiving help.


-For the RovR app, our clients Arthur & Will are doing the meetings for expansion funding. As part of their payment as CI clients, we are the 3rd largest stockholders.

My part in all of this was an idea (to combine strategy + energy clearing) followed by building the CI website. Then there's been client care, which I don't do.


-Rick is seeking the seed funding for our medical matchmaking platform while D works with the team to build it out.

My part in all of this was an idea, creating a few PDF's, & excited invitations for others to join us.


-Jessica is putting our Business for Movement Builders curriculum into key conferences & networks, not to mention hanging with Richard Branson on Necker Island in a private mastermind so we have plenty of fresh learnings + inspiration. Meanwhile Taij keeps the agenda, strategizes the multimedia & maps the production.

My part in all of this was long-term friendship + facilitation, & having an idea, followed by a couple of texts + two phone calls. And making sure I am getting sleep & not forcing. Anything.


Do you see how my small + simple work gets perpetuated by others doing what comes naturally to them? This is modern alchemy, the way of the alewives, who would bring together mysterious plant medicines, & allow them to ferment over time. Alewives perpetuate ancient medicine (these are the gestures), & gather the pieces (like community, resources, ideas, products, networks) to create their signature brew. 

Don't overthink this. Make your lists. Bring your best business self to your business while keeping your personal self as private or integrated as you need.

Set the intention for healthy money + perpetuation. Keep sending your ideas out into the world. Make some kombucha. (Recipe coming!)



ps- If the above list speaks to your vision, then this tip will create partners who consistently go above & beyond, while steering clear of drama + competition:

Start at the top. Then go up from there.