My medicine walks have been uber local this week. In my life, & therefore, my garden, I realized that I need less change, & more novelty. 

So no moving across the country or Pacific this year. Yes, big ass family trips. 

No North Eastern farm on 20 acres with a stream & 6-fireplace 1670's homestead. Yes trip to Ace hardware for more succulents.

One costs $3-700k & the other, $1.99 per plant. Curiously, the joy is the same.

Both thoughts hit my nature child with thunderbolts of joy & contentment. 


And succulent. She's a badass.

I've spent exactly $8 on new varieties, but already filled about 30' full of stems & flowers broken off my existing plants, or my neighbors.


Succulent doesn't care that she's broken. I have not been super gentle in this process. Some of them were destroyed by footballs & trampling children. Not only does she appear broken. She actually is. But she knows that she has everything she needs to regenerate. To proliferate. To triumph over my space, with soil that is either solid clay or parched rock. She provides for her own thriving. After a week of watering & then starving, she is forcing unlikely plump, water-filled blossoms exactly like her mother plant.

She's tenacious. Prolific. Persistent. The very opposite of needy.

Once succulent has healed her scar, she begins to send out new roots, & they grow from anywhere. From the stem, yes. But also from the base of each flower. From random branches. She's resourceful. She will take her nourishment from soil or air. She puts out feelers. She gets her needs met.

If a blossom is broken into fat-leafed petals, by, say, a ruthless two year-old, each petal will also scab over, before bursting forth an impossibly tiny new cluster of chubby leaves. The other day Lake (he's 10) picked one up, only 1/4" big, & saw the tiny flowerette. "A hand! What. The. Fuck."

{Well now you know everything about us. Wonder. Reverence. Sailors.}

Each succulent will reproduce herself according to her sacred geometry, creating identical reproductions of her parent plants.

I think we are not so different. 

We can be this resourceful. This tenacious. This prolific & persistent. And this predictable.

What ever we are creating, nourishing & nurturing with our attention is magnifying.

We already, naturally take our work to scale. So what are you catalyzing with your awareness? What are you realizing internally (drama? joy? breakthru?) that you are also realizing externally?

What are you perpetuating?

The opportunity for us is to take stock of what we are duplicating.

Because our children, our businesses, our movements are really a matter of simple multiplication. We're regenerating ourselves.

So spend some real time distinguishing your child archetype this week. Consider your history together, her light & shadow attributes. Both tell you where your power resides. Both inform  your ability to heal, to place roots, to get your primal & spiritual needs met. Both provide clues as to your thriving & your victimhood. 

Please meet my mom, Vidda. Oh, the work she did in this life, to give my brothers & I a fresh start, but still, the roots of family & community. It's a true triumph of the human spirit. Times three, & if you include her grandchildren, times 10!  Her work with Carolyn Myss is a small piece of a lifetimes work as a pioneering artist, hypnotherapist, activist, spiritual director & social entrepreneur. And she does this work every single day. It's an honor for me to introduce her.

Here's the Child Archetype video, & again, here are the Four Survival Archetypes & brief descriptions.