So...The Offering: Foots Scrubs & Strategy Grids

 image by my dearest friend  helene dujardin

image by my dearest friend helene dujardin

Strategy has everything to do with where we walk, how we get there, & who we're being along the way. It's a laser-detailed net that you cast over your chosen industry, to catch the measures that make the most sense. Instead of showing up as just another organization, solopreneur, or service provider, working hard to distinguish yourself from those who are similar, you can strategically position yourself to make a difference that no one else is making, or to inspire what no one else is inspiring. Before you begin, though, let's bless those feet!



My grandmother, Estrella, a wild shamana & irreverent reverend, used to bless us with almond oil, & use it for clearing energy patterns with deep tissue massage. It's a gorgeous base that's grounding, sweetening, & kind. Grapefruit is brightening & uplifting. She infuses the path with joy.

Of course, we pray from beginning to end. We bring the colors & textures of almond, a creamy, warm wood, & grapefruit, with it's juicy pulp ombres of pink-orange-red, into our heart floor, staying conscious of them until the strategy grid is complete. (These colors & smells become anchors to grounded, strategic action & clarity, later). While we gather the ingredients, we hum in joy that clarity is coming. While we set them out, we hum in joy that clarity is crystalizing. As we measure, add, & mix, we hum knowing that clarity comes thru our own engagement. In this way, we vibrate clarity into the blessing of our walk & our path.

See if a there is a subtle melody that belongs to this practice, that wants to arise. Sometimes there is, & sometimes, not so much. So I have a couple of gentle tunes that I use when I hum. It's helpful to know what you'll use, if you aren't used to humming as a prayer/tuning an intention. Choose a few simple bars that feel good, & it's perfectly fine to borrow from songs that already exist, as long as the other lyrics are not taking over.



2 ounces of sweet almond oil (60 mL)
1/4 C of whole almonds (60 mL), ground into a fine meal
48 drops of grapefruit essential oil
A 4-ounce wide-mouthed amber glass jar with a screw-top
mortar & pestle or blender

A blender works fine, I love my Vita-mix for all my drinks, & it doesn't take away from the vitality of your almonds. Of course, in a pinch, or if gifting a batch, the bag of ground almonds at Trader Joes market works, too! However, I prefer to use a mortar & pestle if I have an extra 10 minutes. I find that it connects me to the matrilineage, & all that woman already knows in her hands & heart. Once I've ground my own almonds, there is no question about what this scrub means for me, & how committed I am to crafting clarity with my own gesture. There becomes a certain infusion of integrity that is beyond my own consciousness or ego, as it belongs to the highest good of the Whole. You can get these fairly inexpensively at import stores like Cost Plus or even at Target or the local food co-op. 


Blend the ingredients together into a small mixing bowl, beginning with the almonds, adding the sweet almond oil, then the grapefruit essential oil. With each addition, send thanks to the ingredient for it's gift of grounding, warmth, or brightness. Pack it all into the jar. 

Spoon a nice mound into your palm, & spread the scrub over the surface of your feet. Scrub your heels, thanking them for how they hold your weight. Massage your ankles, thanking them for flexibility in each moment. Rub deep circles into the balls of your feet, squeeze each web, press & roll up each toe, thanking them for balance, creativity, & strength.  Tell you feet you are washing away what's been, & you are starting fresh, together. Rinse them off. Towel them dry in a sunny window. Ask them what they need from you. Listen. 

Pull out your copy of On Path, or download your Strategy Grid, here. Let's begin.




WHAT I DO: This is the practical, actual thing you do or provide. You must know this. It must be simple + clear. You might ask a few folks for feedback on this.

I understand you do many things. For instance, I am an activist, an urban farmer, & a Legacy Architect. I move money from the extremely wealthy into the masses. However, I learned that the masses need to have crystal clear, fleshed-out initiatives to receive those resources. SO...

I help people to create movements & monetize their genius thru collaborative projects, online circles & retreats.

MY *BLISS* TITLE:  Be Bold. Name it.

Spirit Strategist. 

MY MONEY MEASURE: $______ PER____  <----- Start with monthly. Make sure to include monthly niceties that make life good.
100% of empresstides profits to social justice, cultural preservation & environmental initiatives per year.

my innate talents:     What are you good at?
geeking out on conversations. making shit happen. thinking in systems.         

my beacons:      Who are you as a contribution? 3-4
magic. flow. warmth. awe.        

my edge work:   What are you growing, as a body of work & as an experience?
translating earth medicine for the purpose of business & movement building

provides individuals:    What does it do for your clients/constituents?
freedom. meaning. finances. fame.        

provides communities:     What does it do for their loved ones?
it gives them quality time together. and an empowered beloved. lifestyles of goodness, truth & beauty.

provides the planet:   How does it help the Earth & society?
my ladies are all about preserving & honoring Earth. they are the answers to our future.


On the grid, fill out your "niche mates" in the small boxes on the far left column. These people would be considered your competition in most models. They are not! They are others who are also serving your people, & can be doing the same work or very different work than you. Choose those that are successful for this exercise.

On the top row, fill out strategies, campaigns, style, innovations, communication, offerings, & events that are common in your industry. This is primarily how others are doing it, & you may do some of it. Yes, you may need to use other pages for this. We usually do a really big mind map to go with this, but it's not needed.  Mark up the margins & the covers if you need to. For now, use a short hand, for example:

strategies: solo-preneur summits. tribal yearnings. cultural appropriation. 

campaigns: telesummits. webinars. group-led courses.

style: sparkly astrology. moonbeams & sparkles. 

innovations: magazines on-demand. printables. group oracle readings.

communication: email. periscopes. instagram. snapchat.

offerings: fb groups. 8 week intensives. 

events: priestess-led gatherings. hotel trainings. 


Now fill out the middle squares with tiny notes on each niche mate's "take" in each category. 

I LOVE doing this part. It's when it gets really easy to see what's missing. It's also when I remember how bored I am with what's already out there. 


In the bottom row, fill out your plan for each category. If you have really fantastic models that already work, add them here. Otherwise, try to start from scratch. Blow you own mind with what's possible. What are your new... 









At this point, you'll be ready to start taking some serious notes about implementation & putting things into your calendar. Please wait. Let it integrate for a few days! Because there's a lot more information that will come thru your dreams, conversations & interactions in the next few days. People will start giving you resources to align with what you're setting up. Stay open. And keep that creamy wood + pink-orange-red at your heart floor, it will help if any friction shows up because you've changed your frequency! 

xx, Maya