So...the Offering: Money. Attention + Relationship


There's been lots of questions this week, so I want to chat live before we start the focused archetypes work. So Friday is with me, & I'm creating an intimate group so we can zero in, going deep instead of wide. We'll record the call, since most of you work weekdays. 


Mar 18, 2016 10:00 AM (GMT-7:00) Pacific Time (US and Canada) 

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Distinguishing your 4 Survival Archetypes:
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So D & I work with money as addicts. Meaning, we are, like much of modern society, addicted to certain comforts, & we have also taken this realization into the 12 Steps, along with a number of other support structures, because we have seen tremendous damage to our innate joy when we are not fully awake to our addiction.

For the last 10 years, we have been in a deep practice of purification around money. We've learned that money makes you more of who you are. And that if our core (self, family, practice, priorities, provisions) is not solid & anchored, then money magnifies the mess. So we have been studying ourselves.

And I have been studying water. Because water is flow. And I am a student of flow. It is one of my beacons. I've noticed:

The nature of natural flow is generous. It hits everything, in right time. It's more than enough.

When energy stops flowing, I have stopped contributing. Or I have stopped receiving. Sometimes it's a matter of removing something from the stream.

When there is overspending, strange leaks appear, either in our roof, or in the plumbing. 

It's very easy to pollute a stream (money, community, resources) thru ill will or ill action. It's very simple to clean up thru communication. Not so easy.

Flow happens most freely when we let the natural streams of abundance do their thing. And when we try to control too much of the blessed streams (talent. passions. generosity), then it dries up, or dilutes, or dissipates. 

When we love the blessed streams, thru attention & time & joy (bookkeeping rituals. planting new ideas. cultivating relationships & collaborations. gratitude practices), they open up. They giggle & gurgle. They explode.

When we are using flow incorrectly, our entire lives dam up. It's like we unconsciously start throwing everything we can at the river, to make it all slow down.

So how about for you? What happens when you become a student of flow? What happens when you look at your relationship to money like a beloved? How is your relationship?

What do I mean?

Please read Darcey Blue's love letter to White Sage. 

Reverence + Awe + Respect. Taking the Medicine. It's all in there.


There is a deep reverence that I have for water, for how it sustains life.

Once we were coming back from Tahoe, & traffic stopped at night, for 6 hours. We were under a high light, & it began to snow. I stuck my head out the window & began to cry. Flow was falling down from the dark, in perfect, distinct flakes, each one a unique & precious opportunity, but more than I could ever see or touch or hold. And they were going down to the Earth, where they would melt into the water table that would flow into our valley, which provides food to our entire country. The kids asked why I was crying. D laughed & said, "Because she sees money coming out of the sky." They popped open their windows & said, "Oh yeah!!"

Money = bio-survival tickets. Instead of hunting & gathering, we are working with symbols like cash, credit, paypal, & the like. For most of us, our survival on Earth is not dependent on planting & harvesting & spinning & weaving together our clothes. Those would be the ways we'd flow in our natural cycles: giving effort, & receiving shelter & sustenance. Now we have this symbolic flow, much more complex, but it still sustains life.

So how can we bring reverence to it?

In our case, because we have Gambler (a desire to compress time by rolling the dice) & Addict (self-medicating thru dependence) archetypes, reverence has meant PURIFICATION. Like pulling waaaaaay back from societal prescriptions about life, success, & day-to-day needs. After many years of distinguishing & distilling our needs, we have now been purifying our ways of doing business. Eliminating so many polluted income streams. Finding clean sources. Creating fresh flow.  Making sure that flow is always going back out to the Whole. Refusing to sell out on our values for an illusion of security, a foundation, or even our dreams. It has been disciplined work & we don't totally know what we are doing. It's a lifetime initiation.

In your case, it might mean bringing JOY to your streams. Or COMMUNITY. Or you crave BEAUTY, wanting flow from nothing but your truest creative longings, & beautiful spaces to create & also to work. Or maybe you need CEREMONY, a sense of SACRED RITUAL in how you spend your energy (cash earned with your life force). It can mean so, so many things. Just pick one, a packed gift to bring integrity to your flow.


What quality are you going to bring to your relationship with flow?


And right now, grab a paper + pencil. Have a conversation with your flow:

I feel like I need you for...

Here's how I feel about our relationship...

I really want to celebrate...

Here's what's missing for me...

I feel like we need boundaries around...

What I'd like to try practicing is...

How I've been treating you is...

How I'd like us to work together & love each other is...

I believe our purpose together is...



May you be truly, madly, deeply.

xx, Maya