So...the Offering: Presence-as-Monetization


Love really is our super power. It's the heart-multiplication that powers our revenue in business & impact. Staying awake to emergent needs & offerings is the most efficient path towards a sustainable flow in your work. Flow being all the returns.


3 degrees
March 23
12:02 UTC

Eclipses bring liberation. Merging of light & shadow. The innate balance found in wholeness. Full moon moon moon though. We’re feeling our way through this. Feeling our way through Libra. Through the mirroring & attachments that are illuminated now. Through the space between us & other. Between subjectivity & objectivity. The gentle yet firm culmination of a transition. There is so much to let go of because there is so much to receive. Restoration.


Your Distilled Astrology is here, & this is a great article for playing with opposites to create some flow.

My Libras ~ D, my Dad, my son Lake, they are all storytellers. They find balance thru sharing words, they clear energy & illness by circling the dragons. There's something so casual & low-key in their way.  So following their cue...

Below, you'll find a video from me to you. Below that, a video from Robin Sandomirsky to you, on how to use archetypes as anchors, & below that, the video conversation between myself, Robin & Sarah Logan from last week's call. It was a nice chance for me to ask them some questions. We loved it enough that we'll have calls every week for those who want to pop in & connect on their latest impulse. Of course the next 5 weeks are specific to archetypes.

Refer to the 3 Rings Map below for this first video. Money - & many of the returns,   live in dialogue & play. This takes place at the 2nd Ring, between our External Awareness (the internal sense of what's happening around us)/Interpersonal Display (how it appears) & Collective Knowing (what we all think & agree upon)/ Communal Alchemy (how we're all mixing things up & creating change). Most people generate money via force in their Inner Alchemy, which is generally already weak due to our separation from the land, lack of a spiritual practice or shady teachers. Given that money is our current bio-survival ticket, it's no wonder that the modern world is in a constant state of self-medication!! Force pulls from our organs, making us ill. So let presence & current-sy be your way, don't outsource your thinking to any teacher or authority, & live a life uncommon.

 xx, Maya