I'm at wandering up & down the docks in Marina del Rey, where we lived when I was 20. It's below Venice Beach, which is below Santa Monica, below Malibu. It's a strange place with thousands of boats that many people own but no one seems to use.  Los Angeles is the land of creative self-expression. People see themselves in boats, & so boats appear.

I've been gifted by so many things here, leaning over the edge of these concrete docks. Sea lions. Waves of moon jellies. Little sharks. Men in scuba gear sweeping the bottoms of other people's vessels. The timely symbology never ceases to amaze me.

Today I'm overfull. Filled to overflowing. Over-promised. Over-delivering in 90% of my games. Sleep deprived. Mourning. And I'm also in my happy place..

The sun does this to me. It's instant relief, a warm soak of freedom & spaciousness. And there she is. My favorite of all teachers.


She's moving quickly, small, with a head about the size of an orange. She's bouncing, it appears, from rock to rock.

Except she's not.

I'm captivated. She's actually landing fully on each rock, & each arm swiftly curls into place, tucking into a ridge, or a divot. I realize she is fully present in each position, grounded as each arm does it's piece to balance & anchor her liquid gesture.

Charisma is being where you are, doing what you're doing.

Octopus is charisma in fast-forward. As she lands, anchors, & balances, she is in some kind of commitment to each rock, before a sultry & lightning torque propels her up & over to the next.

She's inviting you to land fully. To rest into one thing. Gesturing that you don't need to sacrifice speed or velocity. That it's fully possible to use all of you for the most obvious thing. She reminds us that just because we can reach, we don't have to reach, or stretch, or fill our arms with things & things to do.

You can settle into the moment. You can find your space in each landing place. You can find the little secret edges & soft spots that feel good to touch.

And you can get up once you've finished arriving. It can still look like bouncing. It doesn't matter how it looks. You are free. 

What matters is how you land. How free your arms of tasks & baggage, to fully station in each flowment. Because that's where the good stuff happens. 


So right now I'm here. With you guys. I'm stopped & seeing your work, what you've been creating, what you've given up, how you listen to the brighter impulse, & how you've been generating yourselves from the edge. I'm filled up to carry on. The worth of the work is clear. I'm moved. 

There's nothing to do. And then again. I'm moved. So here I go.

xx, maya