So...the Offering: Reception

 My 13-month spread :: 3 cards per month.  Top: My best path. Middle: What I need to know/look out for Bottom: The Outcome

My 13-month spread :: 3 cards per month.

Top: My best path. Middle: What I need to know/look out for Bottom: The Outcome


I believe the highest feminine power is that of reception. 

More than the ability to receive, it's the ability to change entire paradigms by truly drinking in the moment. Taking the gift {the coaching, the inspiration, the disaster, the laughter, all of it} to the nth degree. We can grow life with our ability to receive. We can change legacies, entire genealogies. 

Every time I let someone help me, I am helped. But I don't do it often, because a. I don't want to put anyone out b.I want things how I want them & c. I have that same habit you have of shouldering the burden & d. I have an aversion to neediness, & don't want to be that person.

But D inspires me. He's a man with the feminine gift of channeling. He receives at this amazing level that sometimes looks like hitting the floor with pain form someone else's sorrow. And yet he can heal. And our clients inspire me in their ability to heal. They've so brave & willing & amazing. So when I really take that in...well, it creates an bright impulse to build within me.

Recently I have been making big gulp pride-swallowing requests for help for our tech platform to match patients with recommended healers & doctors. We were given a "verbal yes," for seed funding, which means we've been offered $1.1 M to do what we promise in the next six months. Gulp. I don't actually know anything about building a tech startup, let alone medicine. In fact, I was so confronted I spent a day last week planning that future lingerie line with Renee.  (For some people it's retail therapy. For me it's collaborative therapy. Oh the line is called -bayou-. We know nothing about how to do that, either)

So how have I asked for help? Well, I've been calling my network for advice. It's hard.  It's hard to maybe hear things I already know (so far there's been only one tiny thing), & to be a total beginner, but I have to let my guard down to hear all the things I don't know. And holy. The advice is priceless.

Following the advice has required more asking for help. "Will you come out of retirement & write my business plan?" "Will you introduce us?" "Will you join our team as a co-founder without a title, equity or salary?" "What roles do we need to fill?" "How much does this cost?" "How long should it take?"


And here's what has happened:

-I've been outvoted to have a state-of-the-art multi-media headquarters to host medical TED-like talks & film PR stuff for the doctors & healers in our network. That would be a different business. Big fat NO. 

-But the multi-media support is essential.

-Joey Hundert is writing our business plan. He's a crazy hippie on staff at the Wharton School of Business. He is so fun & brilliant we're outta our minds.

The last time he did one, he told us exactly when the economy would crash. No one else even knew. We should have opened an electric car share like he said. This time I'm going to do everything he says.

-We have intimate introductions to a $700M medical fund, & Canada's largest medical matchmaking agency stoked. Wait what? We thought we made it up. Turns out they match doctors to their hospitals. Perfect.

-We have best-friend to best-friend introductions to a man who won the Nobel Prize for the "matching economy." I have never even heard of that. Who knew. Apparently his work is all in medicine.

-The lady that hired us to consult with Roche & Genentech (two giant pharmaceutical companies) is calling. My real goal in this whole thing is to break medicine open past the small world of drugs. I can only wonder what's next.


Okay. So we can fail at any moment. Medicine, health & healing are not even my thing. This is just an idea that was inspired by D, & I've followed the energy & the visions. But do you see how I am kinda working at it, but not really? I'm doing the parts that are easy-ish for me. I'm sharing. I'm learning. I'm asking others to find their roles in the Big Picture. Mostly, I'm holding the Big Picture.

This is power, not force. I'm not attached to any of this, because it's not about me at all. But it is about other people I love. And that's inspiring. And a movement is building.


So this is what reception can look like:

-Being inspired by a beloved. Or a concept. Or talent. 

-Noticing connections, systems or opportunities for those around us.

-Letting a vision settle in our heart floor.

-Taking it into your medicine walk, or meditation, or sleep. 

-If it begins to grow, start forming questions about what's possible, & how it can be.

-If it begins to dissipate, notice that, too.

-When you are compelled to share, to ask for help, to make connections or introductions, do it. These are gateways that add velocity to your path.

-Leverage the players in your conversation to build more momentum. See what happens when you share the excitement with the excitable.

-Be open to starting conversations & letting them change. Drop any agenda & look into the heart floor of those you're with. Most of these things are pointing you to something altogether different anyways.

-Do this enough, & you will see your reputation as a beacon of possibility, support, & wisdom shift. 

-More importantly, you will be inspired 24/7 (regardless of your mood, people, circumstances of events) with a limitless wellspring of ideas, collaborators, & support.


This is founder thinking. It's a meadow of play + failure. Undeveloped capacities. Hard knocks. Inventing. Like childhood. Have fun.

I am!

xx, Maya

ps - Meet Joey. Take Vitamin Fear. And do the crazy thing.