So...the Offering: Profit Planner (map)

 heading home...

heading home...

gather: a blank notebook specifically for Profit Planning. a pen you love. a few images of your beloveds, dreams & desires to live in the notebook. a few clean snacks that feel luxe, nourishing & decadent.
go: somewhere indulgent to you. a beach. a cafe. a museum. a gorgeous garden. somewhere that you can tap in to your innate sense of trust & nature's abundance as goodness, truth or beauty. 


I have a romantic love for the Waxing Gibbous-Moon. She is, in all the ways, turning us on. And yet...there's still some mystery. We are still left a bit in the dark. I tend to find that sexy, the not knowing. It's irresistible to me. I want to dance with it, to see more, to frolic in the chance to try things without being fully seen myself.

So what do you want to try? And what do you want to see, to have in your hands, when the Moon goes Full? You've worked on Being, there's plenty of Doing, what about Having? What have you been working on, that's wanting to come to a fuller, maybe even overflowing fruition? This isn't for beginners. This is for all of us to let ourselves be beginners, so we can explore what returns have been left on the table. What goodness has gone unclaimed? What have we missed? 

For the movement-builders, it's helpful to think in terms of projects, or "initiatives." Why? Because regardless of what kind of organization, products, community, revenue, or service you are in the middle of, you, by nature, are at the edge of a new impulse, or are looking to bring stability & contingency (a good ending!) to a recent one. You're a seeker, a visionary, & maybe even an impulsive. So an initiative speaks to the current project, the one with all the mojo, that's trying to get all of your attention. Use this map to bring more light & information to your path. And more than that, let's work some very specific measurables into your vows. Once you fill this out, choose a quadrant to focus on, & make real. It's one thing to map out & plan. It's another thing to make it real, to implement & have the result. It's time.





You are creating layered returns, all over your life. Let’s plan for all of it.

There's at least three ways you can use this today. 1. Focus on your whole life. 2. Focus on your current initiative. 3. Focus on your whole business or movement.

Choose only one.

If you want to focus on money, I very much recommend the Money Map by M|13 sister Alexis Neely. This is a spreadsheet that helps you to plan out multiple initiatives in alignment with your values, based on your true needs & understanding of plenty. We first used it in 2011 & it's been invaluable.  If you want to plan for multiple $6 & 7-figure initiatives, then the Money Map is for you. If you want to just begin a life that includes money, then again, head over here to begin the dance. I also, again, recommend Bari Tessler & my former financial coach of many years, Priestess of Finance Joetta Marie Johnson.



-Tape your images into the front cover of your notebook.

-Print your Profit Planner map & place it in your notebook. You'll fill up the notebook with the details today, this week, this month & over the year.

-Read the Returns in the center. Circle the ones that are most important to you, & add any that aren’t listed.

-Distinguish the nature of your Service.  What’s your leadership - what movement are you investing in, & what’s your role in it? What vision are you holding? Name your commitment. This is like a personal mission. What gesture will you use? Like how are you going to do it, as a way of being? How are you going to act & show up?

-What’s the Invitation? What conversation are you hosting, or talent are you sharing, or transformation are you providing? What are your offerings, products or experiences?

-What Systems do you ned to automate & create ease with efficient, effective, results? What’s the learning curve - what do you need to learn? List any software or courses you need to take. What are the processes? How can you delegate or automate them? List these out on the Systems Checklist page.  How will you stay in communication with your team & constituents? What’s needed forproduction of your work?

-Take care of & build your Community. Who are the beloved space holders/team you need to bring in? Just list names.  Your constituents? Your guides?  Yes, this is a tiny version of your Blessed Village, & it just needs to stay front & center.


xx,  Maya