So...The Offering: {MAP} I Cherish Mercury Retrogrades


Mercury Retrograde Dates for 2016
January 5 - January 25, 2016 starts in Aquarius, ends in earth Capricorn
April 28 - May 22, 2016 in earth sign Taurus
August 30 - September 22, 2016 in earth sign Virgo
December 19 2016 - January 8, 2017 in earth Capricorn to late degree fire Sagittarius


*Have you put these dates in your calendar for the year? I hope so! We did, to help things run more smoothly along with the Mars Retrograde,  April 17-June 29th, (and he's still sleepy up until August 22nd!) because there will be none of Mars' sweet momentum, or "launch energy."  

Keeping conscious to these dates let's us build up for the rest of the year, & to keep patience, compassion & spaciousness at the forefront. It's all about lowering the bar & adding plenty of buffers. Oh, yes, & *pausing* as much as possible when we go to speak. Ahem. 

Retrogrades ask us to look back, & create the excellence we were originally striving for.  


Build specifically for these dates, March 16 & June 26, when Jupiter & Pluto are in a love & luck fest, and October, November & December.


I cherish the time that Mercury goes Retrograde because there's a spaciousness in the gap for mastery & expansion. In the time it takes me to surrender to...laptops not working, new software gone glitchy, collaborative mis-timing, postponements, misunderstandings & the like, I've found some actual space to fine tune, enhance, & bring clear form to things I haven't been able to get just so. 

The gift of this season is spaciousness & refinement. 

Of course I am very much interested in your mastery of the Relaxation Response.  Let's Offer Up the Mercury Retrograde Seasons to mastery of your parasympathetic nervous system. 

I've been working with legacies for long enough to know that for 80% of you, that sounds super-indulgent & you maybe don't have time for such things. I mean, you're building a movement. I understand, &, should you find yourself with some major or minor breakdowns, you'll be very happy  to work with the energetic map our CI execs & NFL players/teams use to fulfill on big games:



Use this map during Mercury Retrogrades to change the way you create change, to purify your container & make sure that you are embodying the ultimate gift of your game.  This is for creating results energetically by powering up your energetic beacon. This model is all about the science of ease. I use these all the time, but this is the perfect time to lower the bar on all that doing, bring loads of compassion for yourself & other, & focus + tweak who you are being & how on the court you are towards your intended results.





Anything you want to create is available inside of capacity expansion. This map takes you from intention to the actual, physical realization of your intention. It covers the 5th dimension, unseen support, the aligned energetic actions you need to take to feel & draw in your intended result, the breakdowns that show up On Path, & the real + symbolic gateways of opportunity that bring velocity & surprise towards your intended outcome. This is the process of mapping practical magic in real time. Master this, & it gets crazy.



-List the date today

-What's your specific, measurable intention? Now, how would you describe that in a word, as an experience or feeling?  That's your Energetic Address. Write both at the top.

-Make a 5th dimension request for support in the form of a prayer to the Eternal, & your unseen guides & helpers. Create an offering of some kind, & remember that the more ceremony & beauty you bring to this process, the more irresistible your intention. So throw open the windows, light some candles, maybe bring in some flower petals, & burn some sacred wood or spray something exquisite into the space. Do this only once. {It's a faith/testament thing to just ask once.}

-For aligned actions, list a number of activities that will create the experience & feeling of your energetic address. You'll want to stay engaged in these activities & this experience/feeling until you fulfill upon your intention. This is the first simple, but disciplined part of your capacity expansion. How much capacity can you build for feeling the way you intend to feel? It might be exhausting for awhile! And it might be so easy.

-Changing your Energetic frequency creates upsets, dissonance, contrasts & breakdowns. This is because your environment, relationships & events have all been designed for who you were previously. If your partner, family or close friends become abrasive, have compassion & patience. They've lovingly set themselves up to be how you previously wanted them to be (even if they didn't do a good job then, either). Even though it seems like they are the problem, remember that it's you who has changed.  Because any energetic frequency needs to be by the same frequency, they, along with your belongings, like cars & computers, will need to match you, or go away. So there will likely be some broken objects, crashed applications, or fights. Track them here, so you can stay present to the process. For each breakdown, either get complete, by addressing the conversation or problem, or correct it. List the completion or correction.

-Gateways taken (synchoronicities): Pay attention to coincidences, serendipitous events, & emergent opportunities. These are your gateways, On Path. Walk thru them. The more gateways you walk thru, the more velocity in your realization. Sometimes you can't take the opportunity, maybe because you don't have the resources, or time, or there's other agreements you have that supersede this opportunity. In those cases, accept them symbolically. Really take a deep look at what the Universe is giving you in the offer. It's pointing to your expansion, & what you can expect from now on. Accept it! Own it, expect more.

-Don't try to put a time frame on this, because that will mess with our energetic beacon. If that doesn't resonate, try out both ways. I find great solace in divine timing, & the miracles that show up after things take what ever time was needed.

-Stick with it, expanding, feeling into the experience, tracking the dissonance, & walking thru the gateways. Practice building your capacity, & realizing your intended results in full awareness. Once you realize your result, own it!


xx, Maya

ps - 

Where I've been, in my heart & head:: 

As a born-&-bred San Francisco native, I'm a sucker for the layers of color & depth of texture that come from time & experience. Add light, a bit of people watching, the promise of food, & I'm all awe & excitement. Even though much of my actual experience as a child, in the streets of San Francisco included long, long, okay, forever, cold waits at the bus stop at night, followed by half-asleep walks home. There was a bittersweetness to those days of bookstores, ethnic food, & a movie, all on foot. We were street urchins for the day, & my dad made sure we knew every alley, every greasy spoon, & every way to keep your back against the wall when you tied your shoes. We learned how to look strangers in the eye, walk with our chins up, & what really good graffiti looks like. We also learned how long it lasts, as the next artist comes to claim their territory. So much of the bittersweetness came from how short a moment really lasts. Even one as long - as many years, as childhood. 

In my quiet, I've been handling / mourning / celebrating my dad. He's still around, but he has Alzheimers. He's always been genius, childlike, & an unconditional emotional foundation for everything I do creatively. My mom was once an underground comic book artist, & my dad would bring artists from Japan & the Philippines, & set them up at Marvel Comics, DC, Disney, you name it. I grew up around some of the most eccentric of legends, like the creators of Snoopy, Groo & He-Man. He also was a poet, author, & archivist who taught at various universities. Now that he, as of this last season, clearly doesn't know me, or the magic of our lives together, there's a...ummmm. Communication gap. No. Problem. It's a communication problem.

I still speak to the beatnik-cool brotha, with a goatee & leather jacket, but the man who answers is highly Catholic, charming &...I don't know. I don't know him. Like much of what happens when Mercury goes Retrograde, it's all a bit of a mystery. So the opportunity, the training & development, is Capacity Expansion. The commitment is love. The feeling is something between celebration & devastation.