Conversations + Emails

Thank you for your check-ins...

I noticed a theme in the letters, about the worthiness of your endeavors, or the scale of your contribution, or the quality of your self-expression. There was doubt about your purpose, & upset that you aren't sure what conversation you "truly" are.  You aren't sure if what you do each day is a movement.


As though there's a single, bright, pure conversation that you are, and you aren't a vast, limitless collection of stardust animated with divine energy.  As though there is a single, holy purpose for which you are made, & not an entire globe of vistas for you to experience & keep & share if - & only if - it was your heart's delight. As if the coercing of the 1940's, when humans were funneled into single careers, was somehow still for you. It's so not, my love. You are epic.


The conversation that you are is what you are saying. What do you say? That's what conversation you are. Visually, it's reflected in your instagram & Pinterest pages. My intimate circle of best friends, that are also my mastermind of 15 years, have a practice: we give each other little sticky notes with direct quotes we say. It's a vulnerable & illuminating practice. It's cringe-worthy. If you aren't sure what you say, please check your blog, your emails, & listen to your conversations. Give someone safe permission to write down your words verbatim & hand them over to you. Grab a recorder & start talking about "what's true for you." These are the conversations you create in your life. These are what you are using your voice for. These are the themes you are magnifying each day.


Consciously cultivate your conversation, & magnify that. 


Yes!  You ARE building a movement, the answer is yes. At least while we are working together. Because you are alive, & filled with cells, you are fundamentally a movement, & your gesture is the shape you make as you move thru the world, much like a tree's gesture is the shape it makes. I am here to support your transformation at the cell level, & also to support you in widening the scope of your gesture. For some of you, that's because you are building a classic movement. But for all of you, it's because, dammit, I want you to stop doing shit alone. Really. You need to build a supportive community around yourself. If you don't know who your elders are, then, please, do the work to get some, & just start by watching TED talks & finding some thought leaders on Amazon. Especially those of you in leadership. We know I'm not your elder! :) But seriously, yes you are building a movement, at the cell level, within the sacred interactions with those you touch each day, & as you create a dream team of connected souls.


In your work, some of you are so deep you are on your way out. Some of you are on Act 2, 5, or 12 of your life. And some of you are in an inner excavation that is so blocked & filled up with emergent needs for your physical survival that it's truly hard to enhance or fine tune much at all.


These layers are all so complex, & totally independent of money (because a sense of deep scarcity & urgency occurs with women of all socio-economic demographics).  For women, because we actually have the intuitive wisdom to know what's needed & the individual power to make it happen, it's actually almost always about time, lack of time, navigating trauma, shedding whack inherited patterns & the fact that we must sequence out our life to only a few key domains at once.


I want you to know that your questions have everything to do with how much you are willing to buy in to society's belief in the value of those you serve.


It's not about you, your importance, or the size of your business or movement. It's not about clarity of life purpose. Life purpose changes. It's about who you serve today.


 How valuable are they?





ps - And if you are just over it, & over them, then you know your "Purpose." At least for now, the next 6 months: Walk Out. And walk on to a path that brings you alive.