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When we started our first business, MixMatters, in 1998, Robert Kardashian (yes, Kim & Kendall's dad), would come meet us in diners to map out our plans. He was kinda like our fairy godfather, and we wish he was still here, to walk us thru this moment, too. But that's another heartbreaking, life-changing story, along with MixMatters, which still syndicates DJ mix shows for radio stations around the world. For now, just picture Robert walking in & placing a remote control on the laminate, metal-rimmed table.  Robert knew about music, media and technology: as a student at USC, he created Radio & Records, an industry magazine that changed the way music worked. He would laugh about insane, outrageous parties he threw with Diana Ross. Now, he was walking into large record companies & theatre franchises, placing remote controls on their board room tables. 

"When someone is at home, they have a remote control. And they change the channel. Not at the movies. They sit there. And there's nothing happening for 5, 15, sometimes 30 minutes." It was the birth of Movie Tunes, or the music and commercials you hear before a show. He knew his audience. He knew what they didn't know they were missing. And, he knew he was serving several audiences at once: the obvious one, the audience. The theaters, who could sell ears.  The record companies, who needed ears that wouldn't, or couldn't change the station & were there specifically looking for a good time. And his family.




There's some crazy surprises hiding in your soul-constituents. Many of you have already discovered this, but when I realized that some of my clients were not serving people, but archangels, ascended masters, ancestors, astral bodies and archetypes, it blew my mind for years.  Most of them didn't know this, either, it showed up inside of our meditation, below, based on one taught to me by a Balinese priestess. The people of Bali, similar to those from my cultural medicine tradition, are able to work from the unseen realms by staying in their heart floor, living & moving from their  etheric bodies - keeping the analytical mind out of it. MOONRISE|13 works from this place.

(maybe that explains some things. or at least tells you where to let it all settle for any of it to *work:*  in your heart floor.)

So you may know who you serve down to the detail. You may know your niche inside & out, with stacks of stats & pages of journaling about their inner game. This is not that. It's also not who you want to work with. It's an introduction to who's going to catalyze & magnify your work thru a series of initiations that create returns on many levels, in every domain of your life.

There is plenty of work out there about your ideal client archetypes. This is also not that. Over the next few months we are going to be working with soul archetypes, as taught by Carolyn Myss in the NYTimes bestseller, Sacred Contracts. My mother, Vidda Chan, an alchemical hypnotherapist and archetypal consultant trained by Carolyn, is going to walk us thru our Four Survival Archetypes: The Child, The Victim, The Prostitute, & The Saboteur.  In this work, each of us has 12 distinct archetypes we are living out, and helping to evolve. We each share the Four Survival Archetypes, they each have light & shadow attributes, and they work for us, too, by showing us, symbolically, when & where we are off path.

{If you would like to be on a group call & directly ask her questions about these archetypes, how they are showing up in your life, & what she recommends, you can leave a comment below or send us an email at  Those who've already consulted with her are welcome to be on those calls, as well.} 

Your Ideal Constituent Archetypes tell you when you are On Path, and how to gather those path mates that are already karmically entwined with your soul's evolution.  Have your planner ready, you'll fill up the inside covers & mind map with notes. I very much recommend creating collages of your constituents, so you can zero in on a name, an image & feeling when you go to do your copy, design offerings, or begin some market research.  Much more powerful, I have little vignettes all over my home for those that I serve, in gratitude for their/*your* presence in my life. There's actually little homes for you here, and in our garden, back at our cabins, & a whole tree-branch lodge in our woods. These homes create a space for my etheric energy to go in, & dialogue with you, at a level my head has no business in. So I don't have to understand or think my way thru any of this. All I have to do is feel into what I'm here for, for you, and vice-versa.

Here's a video of Kimi, who embodies aspects of one of my constituent archetypes, Kiri. Notice how she is incredibly low-key & human, while living at the edge of her work. She's someone who requires me to be much bigger than my own listening & understanding of myself. In working with her, my character, integrity, & humanity evolves by leaps & bounds. It's impossible to play small in service to this kind of committed humility.

At the same time, she is the one who is very familiar to me, that is mirroring something back of my higher self. She is really serving who I am really serving, Earth. So this is that constituent that calls for my self to be uncommonly cared for, awed, submerged, fearless & alive.

If you care to share, I'd love to hear a glimpse of who you're working with.

xx, Maya

"The Mother of the Universe refuses to let me worship her outside myself anymore. She has withdrawn inside me and tells me if I want to know her I have to come inside, too, which is the last place I want to be. Although she’s been telling me for years, she’s never gone to this extreme before – of actually hiding inside me. If I want to love her, I can only do it by loving myself now."
Cassia Berman   {thanks Galia.}