NEW MOON IN VIRGO {planner videos}

VIRGO loves a clean presentation, pure systems, & a distilled form of service. The Virgo has a headstart on the rest of us, because she is willing to focus in on the nitty-gritty details to come to the most purified form of service. In my experience, it's the Virgos who make entrepreneurialism work the fastest, because, instead of working the full learning curve of their industry, they are willing to find a system & work it, again, and again, and again.

So right now, we all get "try on" the Virgo gesture, or way. It's all about choice, & finding out what systems & structures are going to take care of your commitments. Of course, I'm a Leo, so I'm all about choosing systems that get you there, fast. Feel free to ignore that, if you know you need to move slowly right now, & really dive into the details. Because this is the time for details. Just don't get all squirrely & judgmental about it. Virgo can get frustrated when things aren't clean, & others aren't being efficient in their gesture. It's a tight kind of purity. So if you notice yourself getting agitated, just remember that's your integrity, telling you to clean this up, and give yourself & those around you another measure of forgiving spaciousness.

Your Compass of Reactions will help so much with this. This shows us how, when circumstances, people, events, time|sex|financial|group pressure, obligations, and/or the environment push us into our panic zones, we go into fight or flight. In flight, we withdraw & check out, or deflect & distract. In fight, we attack ourselves or attack others. The gift, of course, is not just to understand your own response to panic, but to identify when your constituents, collaborators, investors, clients, team, beloveds, partners, children, friends & family have gone into panic. When we feel this in our body, because our electro-magnetic field will take in this information, even remotely, across entire oceans, it can send us into panic, too, without letting us know why. Practice with the compass & energetic shielding can keep us from taking in what's not ours, while also letting us choose to empathize and own the chance to really listen, respond, & comfort those around us from an empowered core. We use this work as facilitants (facilitators/participants) in the global YES! Jams, where we can't always pick up the cues from participants from 65 countries, but we still need to hold the container & let ourselves be moved enough to create lasting, authentic relationships that will forward & strengthen our movements.

Finally, here's our Pinterest board on Mind Maps, and a First Nations listing of tribal moons from MOONRISE|13 sister Laura Leva, mama, raw ceremonial chocolatier, multicultural music, dance, & Montessori teacher.  This is for those US folks looking to understand the indigenous understanding of your local natural history. If you choose to adopt their moon name this month, I ask that you also do some research to know the history of the people, their language & if there are current ways to Offer Up some love, reciprocate & honor them as the original keepers of your home soil. 

Phew. That's a lot. 

In the videos I went over each of the pages anew, since we are still getting comfortable with the maps & language. I am a different person on this coast, so hopefully they land in a new way. Also, I'm going to be doing some weekly Q&A later this month, so make sure to get the Periscope App!! It's my new obsession. You can follow me @urbanorganica.

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All the Love. Maya