"If you want A, but plan for B, you'll always get B." -David Paul Hackett


Q. 1  "It seems like goal setting never works for me. I never do what I actually set out to do, so why even try? Maybe it's resistance, but I have no faith. can you help me?"

Q. 2  "It's been three years since my lawsuit. Three years of recovering from a few years of daily stacks of legal documents in my mail box. Ridiculous arguments over details that never mattered in my actual medical practice. It's been hard to stay inspired. To think I can do anything beyond making my own way. I'm afraid to create an inspired business practice."

Q. 3 "I feel so disoriented around our collective values that every option has a vague layer of "bleh" around it - something like guilt, or disgust or an aversion. I don't want to make solar projections around my own life. I just want to be a part of something that is healthy & pure & true. Do you think I should just go be a WOOFER, traveling to organic farms & working them? I'm afraid I'll go so far off path I'll never actually accomplish anything."


In some ways, these are the same question, from different people, in different phases. D (my husband) often says that quote above when CI members start accounting for what they don't want to happen. He's all about forwarding & moving with what we know is most healthy & right. The rest is kinda irrelevant. 

Not so easy with women.

We are cyclical: we think in terms of all the things. We are redundant: as we cover & plan for all the needs. We are diffuse in our awareness: managing all the wants, the unfinished seams, the uneven curtains, the uncalled stack of messages.

As movement builders, we get to choose between what's urgent, & what's important. And do what's important.  As women, we get to choose between our moods, & our commitments. And do our commitments. There's no need to force. As long as we are clear what Plan A is. 

Otherwise, we always get Plan B.

It's metaphysics, really. The Eternal always supports every single thought we have. So does our biology. We just don't get to choose which ones, when. So we're big fans of taking charge of those thoughts. And creating a luscious, fertile womb for creation.

The Path, in hindsight, already exists. Our lives have followed threads. And fit together, in the most amazing ways. But did we walk thru each of our *gateways,* those blessed opportunities when we knew what to do, based on the butterflies in our belly, the bite on our lower lip? The kind of nervous, hopeful excitement that, if we let it, let's us in, to our next, right pathway? The one where it's on Earth, as it is in Heaven? 


When we are committed, in the fertile womb On Path, the gateways are soooo much clearer. They are unmistakable. And prolific. There's more gateways, signposts & windows of opportunity than we can actually walk thru. We get to master the art of symbolic acceptance


Off path, we are directionless. There's gifts, & beauty here, for certain. But you asked for a compass, remember?

Life knocks us into awakening thru initiations. If good care & insight doesn't appear, that trauma messes up the landscape of our lives. For most people, this is permanent.

Wandering, surviving, & looking good, life happens to us, & we become energy managers with an edge of victim + scarcity mentality.  Even in leadership.  Even if we are an established business, foundation or organization.

Our life becomes a painting by Picasso, with no specific perspective.  It's chaotic. Frenetic, & confusing. There is a sense of disharmony. The beauty there is one of surrender, but it doesn't feel beautiful. We have to pretend it doesn't create an awkward cadence, upset our inner need for order, a narrative, a storyline of sorts. 

The differences between stumbling along | managing urgencies | looking good | climbing | keeping up | becoming more | becoming different | improving | controlling details | surface thrival and being On Purpose are very subtle. They are nearly invisible to the fly on the wall. There's still good moments, heart-wrenching initiations & medicine. The experience in being is vast.

The first is why the caged bird sings.
The second is the song of each nesting spring dove.

When we choose to be On Path, we are On Purpose, regardless of accomplishment (which loses meaning fast), credibility (debatable), & certainly material belongings. We are nesting a fertile womb for our creation, for that impulse of Spirit, moving it's way from our core to our hands. 

#OnPathOnPurpose, we are always at a threshold, a new place with a fresh beginning, a muddle, and the possibility of expansion + light at the end of the tunnel. It's not that we are guaranteed to get what we project in our Solar Projections (annual commitments). That's not the point. The point is to create a picture with 1-Point Perspective.  Any artist can explain how this creates an experience of harmony, order, & clarity for those who wish to join us On Path.  All points move towards a common place, forwarding a specific, clear gesture. 

This is everything.

If you are (understandably) too freaked out about creating goals for yourself, make a commitment to creating beauty + order. If you are (understandably) afraid of the promise in a Next Level solar projection, create measures that are equal parts elusive + generous. Don't go big (for you), yet. 

Choose a domain of your life {i.e., Inspired Leadership}. Name your role {creatrix}. Choose three measures for the year that fill an elusive longing. What's been missing for you in this domain? How can you include yourself & others in your measure? {3 possibilities: Monthly lunches with folks I can learn from. A luscious, overflowing herb garden for joy, to connect to my hands, the soil, & the wisdom of cycles. 2 new, life-changing clients that I take on pro-bono, for nothing but fulfillment.}

Sometimes we need to just put a pin on the map. 

It's so easy to become overwhelmed & overthink this. Most of us here are highly sensitive, & empathic, if not clairvoyant. We hold lofty values & deep-seated dreams. We need to find a way to include the 10,000 joys & 10,000 sorrows in a space that allows for movement, where we can somehow include any authentic pain, rage, fear, disappointment, betrayal, uncertainty & failure with a daily set  of simple triumphs.

The *trick* is to let these feelings move into a physical expression that is nourishing to you. The *danger* is envy, loitering, & wallowing in a sense of significance that swallows you. And your beloveds, who are trying desperately to show up as brilliant, supportive pathmates. (It doesn't mean they are good at it. But your significance becomes their significance. It's the power we give with our love.)

We need to be willing to broaden the stroke of our gestures to create a wider path, with room for our chosen pathmates in their full expression. In the press, It's helpful for me to hold a few mantras, & oh, how I use these out: 

Include it. It's just a crossroads.

This is just weather in a field. They are here. And I am here, eyes, heart & mind wide open. (chakras closed! #boundaries)

This, too, will pass.

This is what it looks like to be On Path. I chose this.

Oh! I wandered off path.


Of course we are talking about Capacity Expansion.

My prayer is that you take up all the space that is fully yours. No more, & no less.

Breathe into it, my friends. We're expanding together.

xx, Maya