So. The Offering...THE DANCE

 Our New Hampshire New Moon Temple, August

Our New Hampshire New Moon Temple, August

"Abandon any hope of fruition." 

- 1 of 59 lojong, or mind-training slogans from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition {passage meditations!}, from the gold deck above.

"The key instruction is to stay in the present. Don't get caught up in hopes of what you'll achieve and how good your situation will be some day in the future. What you do right now is what matters." - Pema Chodron


We-ellllll. Then what the fuck are we doing here?


We are dancing. In the gap. Building resilience.

I can't possibly count how many initiatives I've seen fall flat after a single broken agreement. How many movements die over missed expectations along the way. How much pain & suffering is carried - for decades - over desires for one way, when life went just 2 degrees astray. I can't possibly count how much has been lost over perceived failures, resignation, & self-abandonment. 

And how many times I've seen non-attachment, release, commitment, & compassion lead to true triumphs of the human spirit.

These moments, these qualities of the Eternal, purify your container.  They are available always, at any moment. They are prayers. They are nouns. They are verbs.

Speak them. Do them. Hold them.


So we are dancing.

{non-attachment. release. commitment. compassion.}

Between stories :: ancient, archetypal, & ongoing.

Between our fierce desires & real life disappointments. 

Between our vision & the daily urgencies that supersede our knowing.

Between drive, expectations & inspired, open, options.

Between the ancestors, dreaming thru us. Earth, dreaming thru us. The Eternal, dreaming thru us, & the raw, real smack of real life having it's way with us.

Between our privileges and the loss of connection to the Whole.

Between what you've already created, and what you're about to blow up. Make real. And take down.



If there is anything worth mastering, worth playing with, worth delighting in, it's being with the mystery of the dance.

Yes. More spiraling. In and out. From here, to there. Running from one end of the carousel, & back again.

We are creating clear, precise, measurable futures to give us a present container that's been attended-to, loved, and adorned. Then the Eternal does it's thing, & it's not exactly as we planned it. Do we stay On Purpose? Well, of course.

So we are talking about floating in an awareness that has humility.

We are talking about purposeful doing with a measure of dignity.

We are talking about being in the middle, and being On Path. On Purpose. 

So today we offer up our dance, the mystery, the attachment, the clarity, & a solid degree of separation from our deepest longings to the Eternal. That's who owns it, anyways. 


And never working in a vacuum, we fill up with community. Because it's our companions On Path that make livelihood bright. 


On August 22, we met the 1st Quarter Moon -

"I match my mind, my hands, my voice to my heart."

On August 26, we are at the Gibbous Moon - 

"I dance in purpose and non-attachment.  I surround myself with beloveds who get it."

We are moving, now into the light of the Full Moon, August 29 -

"I accept the Gifts. I swim in self-compassion. I see what's needed and I play with what I have."


Make a list of your attachments. A nice, (maybe long) honest list. Even if you have already done the work. Even if you have released the ages. Even then. The new ones. The current attachments that just must be, have to be, need to be.

Consider what it would look like to have a degree of separation. How can you create a little more space? 

And. Who are your dancing companions?