NEW MOON TEMPLE {planner videos}


From New Moon to Full Moon. This is the light with which we'll build.

Gather your planners, your supplies, and claim some spaciousness to *create deep change.*


To love up your temple time, we have more goodness from your Tideskeepers. I have to say it's so fun gathering these pieces based on your questions.


*For those of you wishing for an introduction to mindfulness, our luminescent Alexandria Romero, offers an awareness meditation audio below the videos.

*For those looking to bring Sacred Boundaries into your work, Angelique Arroyo comes with deep grounding, solid tools, & will build on it beside you, weekly, all year.

*For those seeking resources (funding, advocacy, expertise, team), I urge you to consciously expand your community to include folks beyond your usual scope of acquaintance. Darcey Blue offers The Medicine Journeys: Nourishment & Rituals from the Plants to help you build the confidence, conviction & clarity to do this in a healthy way. She will share new medicine, twice a month.

*For those experienced seekers looking to cultivate a practice, Kristina Wingeier, Lunar Mystic, Intuitive Healer & Soul Counselor, brings us practical magic for each New Moon.  Here she shares the fundamentals of grounding & clearing. 


Oh gosh. Can you believe all this? 

We're purposefully looking to flood your stem brain (the instinctual, "reptilian brain") with goodness to calm your nervous system, stop looking for shiny objects (it's really true, you already have enough!) & focus on building your movement as a practice. Don't worry about integrating all the extras. Just enjoy being treated.

Thank goodness I erased the drama points of my day & remembered to include all this goodness. I'll post it page bottom, though, just to be lightly transparent. Heh. 

In these four short videos, I'll walk you thru the planners. *On Path* will be slightly different each month, building on the work here. Keep it simple - don't overthink this. Watch each video, get the simplified gist for each page, and see what you write down. Be curious. Make a concerted effort to play & fill out the pages that will make the biggest difference for your work. This New Moon is in Leo, so anything you create now is going to show up as a brightening of your light, your wider visibility, your masculine power, your ability to create & sustain life.  It's not about getting the right answers on the page or keeping it pristine. Feel free to ask your questions in the comments below. Your body will tell you what's needed by responding with more energy when you are on track & putting you to sleep or feeling ill when you are off. Just enjoy letting the process of engaging activate your next steps. What you do NEXT is what matters.

Today we offer up our time and devoted preparation to those we serve. And profits. Because I am all about the Returns. And that's a useful one.

xx, M

ps- Here's a link to the mind map Pinterest board that I reference. We'll go over them & the whole brain magic around it later.

pps- One more invitation to schedule retreat & really create some sacred temple space to honor your month as "line in the sand," a jump from one paradigm to the next. 


Banter...Oh, my friends, I’m any moment until my lotus cycle and feeling…ready to hop into bed. It’s been an interesting day: investor conference calls for an endless lawsuit (we are fighting to protect their shares from a corporate takeover), rain + lightning with no energy to bring in firewood, FB & the societal edge that is American genocide (#blacklivesmatter), that many still think is a philosophical/feelings debate (it’s not) with my own unwillingness to debate there, which depletes me, & mama-teenage-boy dynamics over doing the dishes that included him saying, “Take me, she’s scaring me!” and lying down on the dock sobbing in very hard rain & pouring waves as D & the babies headed to dinner without him. I have to say that was so next level I could have laughed, but being pre-cycle I chose to take it as an insult & abandonment & clean the whole kitchen myself (of course) & then he made me a gorgeous chai latte because I’m not really that scary, at least not for long. Finally these videos loaded & all the little ones came home needing all the things they need. Life!! 

goodnight. thank you for your sun.