It's my birthday. {yay!}
So I'm tripling up the release of this rare, blue moon with a kayak to The Witches, a sunken island with so many epic, underwater boulders that tell me *They Know.* I can feel it as I glide over them. Let me come back to that.

Everyday my difficult practice, my submerge, is hard. I've begun looking closer at it. It's not actually cold once I'm in the water. There is a second of freeze, but I can't tell if it's even real. It's much colder, for longer, when I get out. THERE IS ALWAYS BLISS ONCE I'M IN. And power.  I'm thinking it's  The Flinch. Please download this ebook, take a read, and let us know what you think in the comments. This is where most of us get stopped, regardless of our edge. When I move thru it, I release it to the past. Somedays I just don't.

quartz-amethyst-zinc-socialite-granite-gold {their granddaughters, above}

They Know what's happened on this land. They know we dance revolutions in our hearts | fight revolution in our communities, as we spin revolutions on this Earth.

They Know me when I was 20 and flew here after shutting down the shop & selling his Rolex to have $5000 to last us for eternity.

They Know me when I'm 24 with our first baby and he says I can't handle the pressure of family & wanna bolt & I kick him out of the cabin until he gets his act together. 

They Know me at 38 when my plates spin rainbows before me. And I am dizzy.

They Know when we fall into the waters and are in over our heads. When we are saved. When something dies there.

They Know when we lift our chests to the sky and breathe oxygen into our hearts and feel like we've just opened shutters to our cells and know we can start anew.

They Know who was here before, the Abenaki, & what is lost. 

They Know the vibrations of languages gone (here, Sokoki), and the nuances of culture hidden in those languages.

I am going to glide over them, with my *list of broken things I don't need.* They will swallow them whole and I will work, stroke, & smile my way home. Free.

The last time we did this, D & I together, it rained, hard, on the way back. Bald Eagle & her mate circled the skies, flying at each other, tumbling, claws-locked, releasing, again, and again, and again for hours. They had built a life together, and after decades, were still hot, still bothered, still fighting it out -for each other- in their skies. Salty tears mixed with rain & lake water, flying off our paddles.


My prayer for us all, this Full, Blue Moon:

May we be this IN. May we find ease in commitment, and partner with the work coming thru. May our ancestors' dreams know their truth in our ways. May right livelihood find her way into our hands, every single day. May it fill us up to overflowing. May we know plenty as enough. May  partnership feel it's way into our hearts, and our work be liberating.  May we know joy as peacemaking. May our art, our voice, our dinner with friends be peacemaking. May we be this guided. May we be this wowed. 

A Passage Meditation:

Honoring you, my brothers and sisters. 
I make peace with this land, and all that has happened here.





Aquarius is the Water Bearer. And the even-keeled bringer of practical magic. I don't know how it's been for you, but the last two days were hard on my heart as a mother. There is an astral circus in my sign. I've gotten so many texts from those feeling hurt & hardened on many levels. The blessings are many, and  the meanings too much.  And yet Aquarians are pragmatic. They say, handle your shit, with a kind of cool, clear love. They know we have *enough* for the Way.

So make your list. Of what's been broken. What's no longer needed. What's done. What's over. What's not working. What's already sinking as you float towards the surface.


And let water do the work.


~Write it out in watercolor pencil. Wash your face, cleanse your hands over the words. 

~Bring her to the river. Kiss it all goodbye.

~Make a puddle. Let your mystic children stomp & slide.

~Take a pencil to tissue & flush it down. And out.


And finally fill a glass jar with clean water. Add crystals. Tape a prayer to the sides. Lay it over an image of your favorite flower. Leave it out tonight. Sip over the spring tides, over this next 7 days.


Depending on your location, the spring tides take place a bit before and the week following Full Moon & New Moon. At this time Earth lies directly between Sun + Moon, creating a double-tide, with extreme highs and extreme lows. And so it is with us. Take good care, and let it work for you.

xx, Maya


::: Meet our starskeeper, grounded in Spirit, culture, activism, and deep family :::

Mi nombre es Ariana. I was seduced by the science of synchronicity so I became a psychological astrologer. Ancient seafarers navigated the sea by the stars; I use them to access intuitive strategy for navigating in your sphere & anchoring in storms. For sea-nymphs & seafarers ready to reign.



With Full Moons, feelings become the focal point. Our comfort zones, our relationships, our needs, what we mean when we say “home”, the climax of what was into what is. Aquarian energy is the brilliance of intentional detachment and objectivity. Heightened awareness is craved but not always convenient or conventional. This Full Moon is a contradictory combo that can open access to unequivocal freedom. The Freedom of no attachment to what isn’t on your high vibe.

Sometimes this translates as a series of rude awakenings. This may mean the release of a reality based on your perceptions and expectations. Release is a Full Moon word. And it sometimes looks like rebellion. Aquarius often gets the reputation of rebel, but they are never without a cause. They are all about cause. When the climax comes, center in this. Your Vision. Your version of the Future.