I just spent two hours, stalking these spinnakers for us. Why? Because I want you to see how they're made to move with the energy that already exists. Yes, there's a conscious captain with free will. In fact, there are whole teams steering the ships. And yes, they do, have to be awake to their full response-ability. (Have you ever been hit on the head by a random metal pole, sailing, before you knew the world of it? I have. Zen moment. Literally, and metaphorically. Many times, metaphorically. But more stories, later.)

Do you see their grace? What I wish I could capture was their speed. The ease & velocity that comes with the most skillful, practiced drivers. And the seasons, as they change directions, turning around the puffy yellow buoys that mark the boundaries of their race. There are moments of momentum, lift towards flight, group mania, as the ships lean to turn, threatening to capsize, and spots of quiet, and play, as they settle into the next leg. Team members laze their legs over the side, sharing beers as their toes hit the blue caps, foam, everywhere.

It's a seasonal race. No true competition - just mutual willingness, with set measures & agreements, for fun, and the chance at some practice at mastery. They are given by the inspiration of wind + water. It's a party of autonomy, mastery, & a triumph of the human spirit, a celebration of chance, camaraderie, and their own capacity to try to control the elements for some intended, agreed upon, *made up* purpose. And a fat, relentless surrender to the whims of the great mystery. Half the races are canceled due to weather. The best results come from flowments, where we've stopped thinking, altogether. Human animal. It's a constant state of vulnerability.

These are the kinds of games we're playing this year. 

Rising with the current. And the practice of being current. Staying present to the truth, ease, support, results, impact & velocity already making their way thru. And riding the waves.

Welcome to MOONRISE | 13. 


I made you a little video {15 minutes}. I am windswept. It's a perfect morning for beginnings.

Again, here's those first practices that will create exponential space, insight, structure & unseen support:

1. Get to the horizon. Everyday. {notice what happens if you miss it. I've seen this single practice take business & movements to grand scale. At the personal level, Herbmother immediately left her 6' desert backyard, that she felt stuck in for years, & got her family to Whidbey Island, complete with farm & dream house.}

2. Do something difficult, often. Pick a cycle {daily, for a moon or a week or a year...weekly...monthly...everytime you get a coffee}. Make it happen & stretch. There will be space to track this in the paper planners each month.

3. Account for your panic zone by bringing full response-ability. Most women, planet-wide are in panic much of the time, for good reason. We're in some physical danger. Our adrenals are tapped. Our cycles & hormones are off. We'll ask you to stretch. Please do. And, don't force. No need. 

4. Follow the energy. If you don't know what has energy, follow the wind. Or the sun. Or your favorite Instagram accounts. Pick someone's work to follow. See where it leads you. Let it change how you work. You're looking for threads, conversations, & reminders of what's already true to you. You're measuring resonance.

5. If you haven't seen & answered our welcome questions, please do. It helps for gathering gold.  {password - risingtides}

6. If you didn't see these maps + short training, and want to jump into some intention-setting while we're still in the spring tides of the New Moon, head over here.  {password - lunacy} You'll get an overview of the Lunacy Phases of taking an initiative thru to ownership-by-the-community. We'll go over that plenty thru the year.

7. There are comments below each M|13 Note, like this. Here is where you can interact, ask questions of the community, or share resources. All of it, a gift, that will forward plenty for many.  For today, if you have a blog, website, or instagram account, & are up for being seen, please share it below, so we can follow, support, & learn from your way. Same goes for pressing needs to see if we are covering a certain sumthin' or other.

8. Here's the online, M|13 Studio. It's like an index of our notes, with the names of each post, email & map that goes out, as well as important links. {password - risingtides}

Coming next, in pieces: The Flow.  A *flexible* Syllabus. and an online Lunar Calendar.

xxx, Maya