So...the Offering: You, In Full Power

I'm going to let the video, along with Lisa's instagram comments, speak for themselves. An established author, editor & writing teacher, she holds >>>wisdom<<< about how to show up for herself:

  • sassylisalisterAhhh, today just feels SO full of magic. It's 11.11, it's the lunar Samhain, its #divali, I've been hugged + kissed by #Amma, I'm gathering with a #shecoven of word witches to write our freakin' heart (+ guts) out for the next 30 days - so it would be crazy NOT to channel the juju, right?

    What you see before you is EVERYTHING I need to start writing my next book + I start EVERY book with this ritual. I gather ALL the talisman needed to create the right energy for the book, chanting an invocation or two + asking to be an instrument o' SHE as I turn my shitty first draft into a real + actual book - jai! 🔻Three note books filled with the handwritten-in-red-pen shitty first draft
    🔻mala beads - blissed + blessed daily chanting clears space for words to flow
    🔻Ruby - in #yoga #nidra a few weeks ago, I was told that I needed a #Ruby to guide me.
    🔻Ruby red nail varnish - every time I write a new book I choose a new nail varnish and paint my nails with it every time I sit down to write
    🔻scarlet temple #quartz - #Magdalenemagic always
    🔻@katvond backstage bambi lipgloss - power paint!
    🔻magic box filled with treats and red thread from my sister + friend, Ani.
    🔻#Amma anointing oil - for when fear + doubt creep in + I need a mumma hug.
    🔻@poundjewelry sardonyx pendant 🔻@thecrystalstudios power quartz triangle 🔻my #shepower talisman
    🔻comfy pyjamas. Natch.

    Let the book writing begin! 
    Please add your #ladymagic to this book - send all your juju + good vibin'! Oh + if you want to join me and the word witches who are gathering for WRITE YOUR FREAKING HEART (+ guts) OUT - you've got an hour left to sign up! Link in the profile.

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Today, offer up your thing, that one thing that moves the needle forward on your movement, to the ultimate magnification of your Beacons (those innate, inherent qualities that are distinct to your gesture - who you are as a contribution to your beloveds, society & Earth).

This video breaks down the intersection between goals, Beacons, & multitasking. There's a secret to multitasking that the neurologist haven't figured out yet, because you can't think thru it. While it's true that the brain can't multitask, you can. And it's powerful. But only from a specific place.

So what's your thing? Where can you do it? Gather your talismans, invocations, & instruments. Tonight. This is your life.


In love, & still rambling with you, Maya