As the moon bursts in Gemini, the kids are clambering to communicate all the needs, all at once. They are testosterone, in many sizes. They are speeding up when communication {oh, yes, speaking and listening} requires slowing down.

We are all working with communication right now, right? 

Visually, I am racing to write "page 2's" of the web platform because I'm not sure our tech god gets it. Emotionally, I'm trying to hear what needs my stepmother has while my father moves deeper into Alzheimers, & what needs celebrating in my home. Professionally, I'm learning to tell a team I've just met what I need, to let go.

While it might make sense to work on communication, itself, I am prone to start with being. Who am I being, what am I doing with my hands, what kind of gratitude & mindfulness can I bring to my heart, before I make up my mind to speak? How can I clear space - make space - to receive the words of my pathmates?

One answer, for kids, for groups, & for couples, is baking. "Baking is waiting," we like to say. It's true, it's slowing down, it's processing, it's alchemy. I think we already know I'm a ceremonial minimalist. They are beginning to yell. The obvious thing is baking. With chocolate.

We aren't bakers. We are kitchen chemists. We are the ones who savor the what comes next.


Before I offer the recipe, as a mindful way to ease into communication over the next week, 

:: Here's an interview INSIDE #BRIGHTLIVELIHOOD, with David Casey of Nu Mundo. He's a dear friend, alumni, & the guy who taught me how to make live chocolate. David gives a glimpse into:

-Big Picture Thinking when your personal edge is money, business, & entrepreneurialism

-cloud candy for wandering seekers, transformational travelers, & Earth keepers

-creating an educational alternative that involves exotic retreat spaces as "impact centers," sharing key learnings for regenerative sustainable practice &

-nomadic, holocratic team building


also...Ariana offers up THE DISTILLED ASTROLOGY for this week's full moon tides.


Galia, in her gauzy, down-under nectar, reads a double-tarot pull for this Dark {shaman's) Moon, as a peek into her 13 Moons personalized tarot readings for 2016,


& finally Angelique, when I texted her about feeling drained + needing some shielding a couple weeks back, invited me to slather on the lavender essential oil. I wish I could find it, there was something about wearing an energetic condom, and surrounding myself in a circle of actual lavender. Of course the prescription worked, & lavender has been in my pocket. So should you also need some shielding to go with your redwood medicine, grab some lavender. 

I feel so safe that I left Facebook! I've just shed the weight of 5,000 people. Talk about making space for communication - I feel like I can see my friends & family clearly for the first time in years. So I'm not there, should you need me.


Okay. Cookies. As a ritual, this is very simplistic. While it's true that elemental helpers & unseen guides respond to an irresistible setup of altars, incense, bells & chanting, I'm also influenced by my own experience. Do you experience the "packed thought?" The one that is instant, in no-time, that also includes the world of our intentions, hopes, or feelings? I experience this in communication with D, too, when we are trying to communicate, & it's not working, & then, suddenly, there is nothing to say, because somehow "the world of it" just landed. I feel that ritual responds to intention like this. Like I think, communicate...commune...slow down...process your thoughts...let them bake...baking...sweetness...chocolate. And the reverence, kindness & intentions just kinda show up.


Power is the velocity between saying X, & having X happen.


I think the trick is staying present. 


Anywhoo. Welcome to my new family tradition. It's a bit of a secret remedy. They don't even know what's going on (cookies as prayers). 




Preheat the oven to 375'.  Beat 2 large eggs with 2 sticks of butter. Add a tablespoon of vanilla, a tablespoon of cinnamon, 2 cups of flour, 2 cups of dark brown sugar, 1 teaspoon of baking soda, 1 teaspoon of baking powder, & 1 cup of powdered baking chocolate. Spoon onto a lightly buttered sheet. Bake 10 minutes. Let cool.


No check-in today. We are Giving Thanks, & honoring the world's indigenous peoples. Let's take a break from the doing & creating, to sit deeply in the laps of Spirit-as-our-beloveds. 


sending my heart towards your heart, Maya