So...the Offering: Impact. Purity. Ease.

   Amazon advocate & human rights activist,    Nina Gualinga . 

 Amazon advocate & human rights activist, Nina Gualinga

In this month's copy of On Path, you'll meet my sister Zoe Tryon, activist, aristocrat & philanthropist. Once, she shared an indigenous soup recipe, from her friends in Ecuador, that took 13 days. It began: "First. Stare. Stare at the moon..." 

I want to introduce you Zoe, & two other women who move from power, not force. At the bottom, you'll find some questions to guide you deeper into your own gesture, to catalyze from a place that feels easy & strong, all at once.

In the video below, notice what she's *GIVEN* by: inspiration from the people, the land, love, mourning, rage, and a committed impulse to stand & speak. Notice how the she brings in others, to meet the land & it's people, to see, to stand, & to speak with her. The journalist, in this moment, becomes one of her Blessed Village, both an elder & a peer, which she leverages, widening the stroke of her gesture: humility-love-warrior-advocate. In this way, we can see Zoe being right-sized, both small, enough to listen to what's needed & to listen to the locals who already know what's needed, and big, large enough to show up bravely to a multi-national, multi-billion-dollar conglomerate. Follow her on instagram

Her dear friend, Amazon advocate & human rights activist Nina Gualinga brings her raw femininity to a gesture of intelligence-strength-humour-culture. She moves & speaks slowly, with a stable clarity & purpose. 

In this next video, Carrie Klassen is *GIVEN* by a desire to share Kind Business, & a discovery she made about sustainability, alignment, & her own gesture: kindness-quiet-honest-beauty (she's a designer-marketer). Carrie is also being right-sized, small in voice & gesture, while large in courage, gumption, & generosity. She's very clear she's a marketer, & she doesn't shy away from the difference between herself & the "others." She uses it as a distinct calling card.

In each case, Nina, Carrie & Zoe are moving from the power within their innate gesture, without force, & have distinguished their priorities from the purest place: personal resonance.

Your turn. Let's offer up the purity of your way to the possibility of ease.

Ease! The problems might get bigger, but they will be met with your innate, authentic strengths. You were made for real, worthwhile issues. There is still the full weather of emotion & initiation.


The difference is, without force, you have the ability to show up.


Grab a glass of something good. Light a candle. Pull out your notebook. I'm super-excited.

Visit your Gestures Map. Pick a few aspects of your gesture that you want to bring into the next 6 months. When you put them together, there's a certain grace, yes?

What would it look like for you to build inside of that gesture? What would it look like to widen the stroke of that gesture?

Where & how can you bring ease?

Where & how can you catalyze?

What can you offer? 

What are the little extra details you can add, that really reflect this kind of grace?

How can you be a conduit for these qualities - is there some way to teach them, gift them, or grace them on those you serve?

In what way will this change the way you do things?

What's the smallest possible way to celebrate this gesture?

What's the biggest, most obvious expression of this gesture?

Is there something you can create, to communicate these aspects of your highest self? Like a new logo, a dinner party, a piece of music, lead page, or a new sizzle reel? 

How about in your home? What reminders can you bring into your own space, to celebrate these delicious qualities?

To you. And your way.

xx, Maya