Q. I have a strong sense of my gesture in the yoga studio, & as a mother. I really want to use this idea to build a yoga apparel line that's meaningful to everyone.  I already have a strong following via Wanderlust & Lululemon. Can you say more about "widening the stroke of my gesture?"

So what is your gesture? It's your symbolic DNA. Obviously, you are complex. And that's a good thing. Because in each aspect of your gesture, there are hidden opportunities to expand & build upon your way, while still moving from the most sustainable, authentic gesture. There's innovation, money, time & energy hiding in your gesture.

Oh, I am so on this right now. Like blown away, by this example: Aspens! I think I have never seen an aspen before. I was calling them birch trees just last week. These lime+golden trees are not what they appear. But first, welcome to my view of Mountain Village! Given my love of vast perspective, I was in Heaven in Telluride, Colorado last week. In fact, we'll be moving there part-time in the next few years. I am in LOVE. 

Random Trivia: The peaks on the left are the Coors logo. The power of marketing! I don't drink, but that logo, I just know. So weird.

Quick Business + Money History:  Those cars down there are part of the Cars & Colors Festival. David is a car fanatic. Once, we lived in the ghetto in Hayward, CA. I was hit in my Jeep, at a stoplight, by a truck going 40 mph.  There's obviously a lot to that story, but today's story is that we had a rental car for months, & the Budget Rental down the street only had cars that were uniquely used. D was in a strange bliss, trading daily for lowered Impalas, shady extended white vans, & that kinda thing. At one point we piled 12 friends into a long, old Cadillac & drove down to Mexico. Of course, I was 20. Another lifetime. Since then he's brought home Porsches, Bentley, Maserati, Ferrari, you name it. It doesn't matter where we were at financially or whether or not it matched my values, he loves every kind of car & he's a hardcore realizer.

When we first transitioned out of fundraising, we opened an exotic car share, Toccare. D hand-picked $2.5 million in luxury cars, plus a yacht, & threw my Mastercraft X45 wake boarding boat into the mix. And then the economy crashed & we had to consider our options. Bankrupting the business was one of them. We went to a few of our business advisors, older multi-millionaires & also billionaires. You know what they said? "If you haven't gone bankrupt 5-6 times, you aren't really playing." So we did it. Ultimately it was fine. Although I miss my boat!

Anywho. We've made our money, given it away, made it, lost it, made it, spent it, made it. And you know what? We don't feel better with excess money. We have been in debt millions, as I know many of you have. For those of you in business, specifically, when going big, it's most powerful, emotionally, to develop a practice of neutrality. And to know your gesture.

As a couple, D & I have the gesture of fast-moving, spinning emporium doors. Our astrological charts literally look like this, & our lives work best when we just keep things flowing thru us, & it isn't about holding on to anything. So people come to us, & we just spin them to other people, or ideas come to us, & we just add momentum in the form of speed or resources. Because it's innate, that feels healthy & right to us.  When we try to control resources, or make money specifically for accumulation, that requires force & our charts actually collapse, which is pretty messy. The more of you we can share with the world, the more our lives work, even though none of it is for or about us. I'm curious about how that is for you.

The point of this story is really that he was also in Heaven with the view, & that our exotic car share was a version of his gesture (creativity + craftsmanship + prestige), expanding past himself. For years it was him + a car or two. Then it was many cars, many drivers. The gesture (creativity + craftsmanship + prestige), is the same.

So. Aspens. OMG. Jump on the gondola, & please listen to my friend Mark, a Kansas/Telluride financial manager, break down this incredible miracle:

So they aren't individual trees. They are extensions of one tree, one giant organism that is magnifying itself. One gesture - reaching cleanly towards the sky, before bursting into leaf to collect the sun, before glowing into a vivid, luminescent citrine. And then multiplying. Each tree is slightly different, like branches are different. But they are of the same lineage, literally the same essence. 

Why would you want to explore this?  

1. Relativity: Your gesture will uncover stories & aspect of self that inspire others relate to you in the most unexpected ways.  Your brand of complexity + clarity becomes a mysterious asset to projects, boards, & partnerships. 

2. Relevance: Understanding the gestures of others will reveal commonalities between you & anyone you talk to.  A layer of fertile listening appears that creates verdant, untethered collaborations.

3. Real-Time Wisdom: You will have a wellspring of spiritual guidance in your gesture.  You'll find medicine/tricks/tools/insight in the symbolic understanding of your gesture that will guide you thru a lifetime of creative realization. Like an inner business coach that speaks of Earth & Sea.

4. Resilience: You will have symbolic analogies for when you are on fire & when you are going to burn out. These analogies will tell you exactly how to show up & disappear in the most sustainable, effective ways.

5. ReVisioning: At the level of organizations, businesses & movements, you will understand design-thinking, which is where communities & corporations are spending their bigger budgets. If you understand gestures & think in systems, you are able to design new ways of identifying blocks & creating flow in any scenario.

Here's what I most want you to know: There is no right way to understand this concept. I've learned about gestures from studying nature. How something grows is also it's shape & it's way & it's design as a perpetuating, living force.

So how you grow is also your shape, your style, & your own innate design as a perpetuating, living force. This is also why we talk about "what conversation are you?" While a seeding tree is clearly perpetuating itself, what you are saying is what you are perpetuating.

It's an intuitive process that is mysterious with very high rewards. You have to play with it, not think about it. Give yourself no more than 10 minutes to finish it. Then just be in an inquiry.

In the Gestures Map below, each point is an aspect of your gesture. Right-click to download.

-Just look at each point & circle the words that resonate the most.

-For biomimicry/totems, write down the animals, plants & minerals that you relate to in some way. (a few of mine: mica, mushrooms, octopus, carpenter honeybee, santa cruz island ironwood) 

-For Beacons, include those 3-4 words that describe who you are as a contribution. (For instance, I am Magic, Flow, Warmth & Awe)

-Live with the sense of your gesture in a curious way. Look up the words. Look up the spiritual meanings & behavior of your minerals, plants & animals. Consider your temperament, speed, & style. 

-Pick a few elements that feel powerful but underused & add them to your branding, leadership & collaborative style.

xx, Maya