Full Moons in Taurus makes me think of full bellies, satisfied cravings, & hearty harvests. Venus. The toddler in everyone. Taurus is all about the senses. How life feels. Tastes. Sounds. Smells. Looks. If you’re familiar with what grounds you, it is essential this Full Moon. If you know what wets your appetite for life, feed it to yourself! Taurus knows how it wants to feel & how to make it happen. On a lunar level, if you haven’t been in touch with what is/isn't nourishing you emotionally, be ready for illumination. This will be your life raft during the depths of Scorpio season. In real time: listen to your body, your instincts, your senses. -Ariana

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YES. I am needing to ground like crazy, since this lunar month started in Libra, I've been laying so many foundations for a new kind of balance, a new life, in structures + processes + systems. The song of my elusive longings finally came to symphony. I've had no choice but to make my future about travel - weekly local road trips alone, monthly big trips with family, & quarterly international exploration. It's the dream that came before the kids, & the partner. It's the dream that waited patiently while humans appeared & asked for things like predictability & a home. Can I tell you something? This month has nearly done me in a few times! 

I am at my most intimate edge, the one between inner alchemy & external awareness. I am having to pause, a lot. I want to put my family on a bus & show them Earth. D & the boys want to stay put, in this home, in their school, in this community, for life. And wow, what a gift. I accept. So my community is grounding me with support, diverse experience & meaningful conversations. Ethnic food is feeding me sensory memories & a connection to my parents in the Philippines & San Francisco.  A new farm box is being delivered, to make things a little easier & to reground the seasons for my crew. The help is coming, in interns, dishwashers & assistants. The work of this month is paying off in a real fullness, but of course it is the fullness of life. It's a lot of a lot. I am needing my grounding as I work the harvest.

I hear your thoughts around getting help & support. I'll show you how to do that, regardless of what you can & can't afford. For now, it's Full Moon Tides! Let's ground into the support structures & harvest between Libra & Taurus.

I love you all so much. Maya


Below is your Full Moon Check-In.

Please use it, it's me, checking in with you. I will read it, snuggled in bed with my many suns.  I will take it into my dreams & sit with you on my heart-floor.  It will help you to understand & integrate the tools so far. It will help us all in our treasure-hunting. 

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What new edges have been unveiled in your life & work? What can you own? What results have you created? How have you shifted the way you work & create? What have you released? What new miracles have shown up? How are you listening for possibility? What feedback have you received for your brand of magic?
What resources do you most need right now? How can you show up as a wellspring, bringing your Beacons, passion, & radical generosity to the table? What kind of leadership can you provide to create the overflow you need? (See today's Tokens email)
What are your top 1-3 committed goals (solar projections) for the year? What are the 1-3 month mini-goals (lunar commitments) that support them? What daily + weekly tasks will make those goals inevitable?
Where are your systems at? Did you create a personal SOP for your life systems? If you don't have one, you need to start one so you don't have to relearn every process that goes into your initiatives, especially when it comes to online stuff, working with products or managing work flows. If you have a system to capture this, are you using it?
How's it going, creating space to create, & then to realize, the lunar month? Just switching the mind from linear, masculine modern time to cyclical, feminine lunar time is totally discombobulating for most of us! I've seen some exquisite New Moon Temple set ups, & some really simple, grounding spaces. What do you need to claim spaciousness to be cause in setting things up (a few hours - few days at the New Moon) + realizing them (daily or weekly space, support, workspace, ritual, community, etc.)
Engaging with the Eternal (via community, art, nature, & practice) provides for nearly every resource you need (energy, initiative, goodness, money, beauty) for your initiatives. What are most needing right now? Over the course of the year?
LUNACY PHASES * The lunacy phases tell us what's needed to move into the next level of our initiatives. What phase are you in (as it relates to your initiative/business/movement)? The first part is the "vibe," the second part is the area to master: consent | commitment. building | expansion. leadership | fulfillment. reflection | ownership. community | release. consideration | exploration. What will mastery look like in your phase?
Have you been tracking? If so, what key Insights into your rhythms will make your work more sustainable? Have you found any untapped power, & places where you need more support?