Down below, there's a process for creating a balanced foundation & prioritizing for the New Moon.

This, here, is the kind of balance I am creating. The home on the right, for family & gathering. The one on the left? All glass & steel for an impeccable studio space. Two homes, in the luxe cabin style that speaks to my sense of adventure, settled deep in the kind of wild that has organic ethnic food, & a random parachuter above.  Is it me? I don't know. It's the birthday season, here. A Libra or a Scorpio to celebrate, Every. Single. Weekend. So my consciousness is definitely a little floaty. Like doozy floaty. 

So, grounding down, I would like to declare a White Flag. And gratitudes. I've loved the snapshots of your New Moon Temples & glimpses of your mugs & planners. I have a profound love for the self-starters, those of you who are willing to do your own research, who don't outsource your thinking, & who are down enough to sit & play with the parts that don't make sense, long enough to come up with something altogether new. You are my teachers, the ones that refine our whole conversation. You guys give me the space to take on this kind of long-term, time-heavy fundraiser. When I am needing to create a new foundation for all that's grown, & to bring balance to my corners, it becomes clear that I live with lots of Libras. That I come from a male Libra, & I married a male Libra, & the boy that looks & acts exactly like me, just now 10, is very, very much a Libra. I am all smiles, with moments of drama, & literally running from one edge to the other, weighting every angle with all the different possibilities. 

This kind of balancing gesture is also in the stars for you, this week.

I want to show you how, even in the gorgeous, still-to-be-savored chaos, & most definitely in the ohh-fuck-that-was-a-brutal mercury-retrograde chaos, we choose our priorities.

Some of you flipped out, or had your beloveds flip out over the last few weeks. Some of you flipped properties, or found yourselves upside down, financially. Mercury Retrograde is a great time to practice neutrality. Things go awry, but it's a perfect time for refining & finishing things. I've learned to savor the extra space that comes when my computer stops working, or packages aren't delivered, & the like. But if you've had enough of all that, & it's still shaky, know this:

Your foundation isn't big enough. By a long shot.

You've added so much to your plate. You have new community, new distinctions, & a whole new body of work. There's a manuscript, love, collaborators & support to train; there's new weight in the form of children, or belongings, or animals. I don't know what the cargo looks like on your end. I just know that you need a new foundation because the energy of your vision is forming into matter & you can't hold it all yourself.

I couldn't! So no video or audio this week, as I head to the Evolving & Emerging Economies Jam + Bioneers. That's the White Flag part. In creating balance in-the-moment, there was a real, authentic lack of me. I could have forced it. But then you would force it. And that's no bueno. So in *On Path*, I wrote plenty of directions for the new stuff. If you have questions, ask me below, & I'll pop in & answer them.


So, monthly foundation-building starts with values. It's always a new game, & it's everything a New Moon wants to be. Here's how it goes.



1. Distinguish your Default Values. This is the 1-3 areas of your life that you always handle. You're on top of it, you need no support, or accountability. You either created this intentionally, long ago, or it's run by your ego & personality. Human animal/your instinct to survive makes you a master of this domain. You make decisions (killing off options, letting reasons decide for you, with a subtle loss of power) from this place. You take care of what's urgent from this place, & your personality is masterful at talking about this place.

(For me, this includes my mothering, especially for the youngest ones, & my vocation. It doesn't take anything for me to sit around & nurse for years, or to drop everything & volunteer somewhere. But I get so hippie in my default-land, that all my systems dissolve & D will find himself in a very messy house with art projects on every surface.)

2. Declare your Highest Current Commitments. This is 1-3 areas of your life that your personality tends to blow off. They are likely your highest values, or home to your highest ideals. It takes something to show up here, & you may even be mourning your progress, environment or relationships in this area.  This area is very important to you. You have to consciously choose to bring your response-ability to this area. It takes a triumph of the Human Spirit to create meaningful change in this domain. 

(My Highest Current Commitment is D, & to make sure I am a clear enough container to really see & respond to his wonderfulness, I need to bring myself more fully to my business systems & my fitness. When I don't have enough order, energy or endorphins, I don't feel like I have enough for him, & I definitely don't have enough of me to maintain any systems!)

3. Create a Grounding Lunar Commitment - just this month - that has enough weight to ground all your other intentions & bring the whole picture together. This is a goal for the month that addresses your Highest Current Commitment, that brings a sense of focus & grounding to everything else you are creating. It actually brings weight & existence to your other goals by creating a grounding, foundational momentum. In some ways it might feel like it could "solve everything." Just make sure it's still within the arc of your faith - you need to know you can do it this month, inside of power, not force.

(In my case, I am 1. creating a new Dream Team this month: five intimate new employees & interns that will love up the five personal areas that D & I most want to release. We want them to be conscious, cool, with clean lifestyles, expertise, open hearts & huge capacities. This will free up so much time, energy & focus so that we can spend more time together as a family. And, they'll maintain my systems. 2. Biking to our satellite office or doing Capoiera everyday 3. Having a huge bioregional salad everyday & staying off the random pastries. So no deprivation, just cleaning up a little. And no heavy fitness, I'm not there yet.)

So, it's your turn.



1. What are your Default Values? 

2. What are your Current Highest Commitments?

3. What's your Grounding Lunar Commitment?


CHECK-IN: Where do most of your Solar Projections, & Lunar Commitment Cycles fall? In your Default Values, or Highest Commitments?

Depression often comes from predictability & taxed adrenals from working from human animal/instincts to survive.

Elation & fulfillment comes from a sense of balanced accomplishment, by engaging the human Spirit. 

You want to measure triumphs. Triumphs of the human Spirit happen when you choose the overlooked, important areas & create meaningful change. 


To your Highest.  xx, Maya