I liken our menstrual cycles to the lotus, which holds the energetic gifts of magnification.  Go ahead and just drag this image onto your screen to print & post it up in your creation space, or into your working notebook. I'm really into displays as support structures - literal pillars for whatever I'm building. We remember only 7-10% of what we hear or read the first time, so it's pretty much impossible to integrate & embody without some profound, in-your-face display. {People & environments count!} I can't imagine any magic more important that your own.  If you have any stories or practices around your cycle, we'd very much like to hear them. Feel free to write all over it, to note what resonates and what isn't true for you, and if you're called, to share below. We'd also love to know your favorite resources: websites, books, circles, & tools for working with the cycles.