Winged One. You made it. I'm ecstatic you're here.

Things changed, during registration. I saw your names, and while my head has said, "Automate everything. Make this easy, let the tools be enough," my heart has said, "Dive in. Hold hands in partnership. Come from your edge, tell them what you're really working on, and how it's actually going. Let yourself be touched, moved, and changed by them." Of course, the heart wins. {At least, in the world I'm living into.} Are you okay if we make this personal? Say yes!

Sweet. I have been thru too much lately to try & teach anything. I have a distaste for stagnant distinctions & sharing old breakthroughs. You can count on me to only share learnings, stories and tools that are real for me, right now. I am firmly in the space of facilitant: both facilitator + participant. My commitment is to be a partner in crafting your hopes into lunar, monthly intentions, supporting you in that creative tension with firm, clear commitments and solar {quarterly & annual} intentions, and bringing what's already yours in the Heavenly Realms  {fulfilled self-expressions} here, where we are needing them, today. 

The point and purpose of MOONRISE | 13 is to make it all EXIST.

We start, tonight, over here

{oh, that lady ledger up there? a 26-moon lotus map, for tracking your moon to the moon. a peek at our future...}