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KRISTINA WINGEIER : Reflecting Your Inner Wisdom (part 3 of 3) Cultivating Intuition

Moon 9 // New Moon in Aries

Every one of us is intuitive. Intuition is a normal and natural part of being a human - we are hardwired to receive information from Spirit and the unseen realms. While it is true that some folks are born with a stronger intuitive aptitude than others, everyone has the ability to strengthen their intuitive capacities if they choose.

If the idea that you are intuitive is new territory for you it is important to remember that it takes time to build any skill; cultivating your intuition is no different. The key to building a relationship with this part of yourself is twofold. First, you must be OPEN to the idea that you are intuitive. Once you are open, you need to begin to TRUST any information you receive from your intuitive self. 

If you have not been in a relationship of trust with your inner knowing, your intuition might be speaking in a small, quiet voice. Once you are open to the idea that you are indeed intuitive and you are ready to begin trusting the information you are receiving, the next step is to make a commitment to creating a stronger relationship with your intuition. 

There are many schools and programs for intuitive studies. What I’m offering here are a few tips - simple things that you can do to begin opening and deepening your connection to Spirit in the form of your intuition. 

1. Begin by relaxing and releasing expectations as much as possible. Stress and anxiety will not lead to clarity. Do yourself a favor and enter into this exploration of your intuitive abilities with a playful attitude and a light heart.

2. Quiet your mind chatter on a regular basis. This is crucial, you MUST take the time and space to get quiet and begin to listen to that voice within. For some folks sitting in meditation works. For others, movement is what helps. Know what works for you and engage in this activity on a daily basis.

3. Ask for guidance from Spirit. You can imagine this guidance in whatever way works for you: from a divine being, angels, teachers, ancestors… or simply, the universe. When you have questions that you would like to receive guidance about - ask for a sign from your “support team” and trust that you will know the sign when you see it. Note - sometimes intuitive guidance doesn’t make rational and logical sense in the moment. You must be willing to go by what feels right rather than what looks right on paper.

4. Write down all the instances where you've recognized your intuition's guidance, no matter how seemingly insignificant. Note the outcomes of the situations as well - intuitive information is often made clear in hindsight. Tracking your asks and your answers will help you to validate the existence of your intuition. It will also help you to see how you perceive intuitive information, which channels flow easily for you. For instance, do you feel your intuition in your body? Do you see visions in your mind’s eye? Do you hear guidance in your inner ear? Do you just “know” things? Take notes about this as well.

5. Finally, give thanks - to your guides, to yourself, to the universe - for any and all intuitive guidance you receive. Appreciation only amplifies your connection to Spirit and to your intuition. 

Next month:
Moon 10 | New Moon in Taurus
Connecting with Spirit in Nature {part 1 of 3}
Plant Spirits

Kristina Wingeier is a Lunar Mystic & Soul Counselor offering services for women who are ready to {re}connect with their Inner Wisdom.

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Welcome to Moon 5: New Moon in Sagittarius. 

Today we are continuing our exploration of The Sacred Blueprint, a trinity of cyclical time measurements that give structure to our days, months and years. The rhythms of the earth and the rhythms of our bodies are deeply aligned - this is the original imprint of how we experience the passing of time.


It is very easy to lose track of these natural cycles in the thick fog of techno soup we live in. When you begin tracking the Sacred Blueprint with conscious intention, you are returning to a template of wholeness that was always there to begin with. 

{For MOONRISE|13 sisters, aligning with the Sacred Blueprint will give you a living and breathing framework to help you bring your lunar intentions and solar projections deeper into your bones, weaving cyclical time into the very fabric of your being}


The Wheel of the Year and the Four Seasons


“Never does nature say one thing and wisdom another.” Juvenal


Unless you live near the equator, you will experience shifts and changes in climate and light throughout the course of a calendar year due to the trajectory of earth’s movement around the sun. We label these shifts the four Seasons: Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. This demarcation leads us to believe that they are distinct from one another, and while it is true that the Solstices & Equinoxes mark the “official” beginnings and endings to a season, you’ll begin to notice that the seasons tend to overlap. Meaning, Winter will often arrive before the actual Winter Solstice. And Spring will come early some years. There is a lot of fluidity because Mother Nature, while quite ordered, is also free to change things up at her whim.


I’m sharing from the lens of my geographical experience, which is in the Northern Hemisphere - the SF bay area in California to be exact. Wherever you live will determine how the seasons manifest for you. If you are in the Southern Hemisphere you will be on the opposite end of the spectrum from the Northern Hemisphere - our spring/summer is your autumn/winter, etc.


I’m not a gardener, but I am a plant person. As I observe the life cycles of different plants in my yard and neighborhood, I am witnessing the rhythms of transformation over and over: beginning, blooming, ending and beginning again. The plants remind me that the only constant is change, and that attachment to any one state will lead to stagnation. This is a simple yet profound spiritual truth. Like the plants, the seasons offer me a model that mirrors my own process of internal and external growth, release and change.


The Wheel of the Year

The Wheel of the Year is a earth-based spirituality tradition celebrating the cycles of the earth/sun dance throughout a calendar year. On the Wheel of the Year, eight major seasonal holidays are celebrated: Winter & Summer Solstice, Spring & Autumn Equinox and four “cross-quarter” holidays which fall between the Solstices and Equinoxes. The exact dates of Solstices and Equinoxes may vary a bit from year to year; they generally fall somewhere between the 20th and the 23rd of the calendar month.


I use these earth/sun based holy days like points on a compass. For me, the seasons aren’t really about the climate, but the quality and amount of light that is ever changing - retreating, returning and retreating again. I contemplate and celebrate the themes of the season with simple gestures: lighting candles; gathering flowers, seed pods, pinecones and other treasures from the natural world to bring inside and put on my altars; eating local and seasonal foods from the farmer’s market. My energy levels, sleep patterns and food cravings tend to shift with the seasons as well.


Connecting with the flow of the Sacred Blueprint is an ancient dance. It is old, but not outworn. It is a remembrance. Whether or not you celebrate the earth based holy days, you can easily notice and acknowledge the way the light changes throughout the solar year. You can observe your own energetic flows rising and falling throughout both the lunar month and the solar year.


Taking it a step further, you can begin to create self-care practices that are tailored to your constitution and the elemental energies of whatever season you are in. For instance, I find myself engaging in the practice of warm oil massage more often in the autumn and winter. I tend to be cold and dry during these times, and so replenishing in my body what is lacking from my environment becomes a priority.


The Wheel of the Year and Psycho-Spiritual Development


When viewing the Wheel of the Year through the lens of psycho-spiritual development, we honor the connection between the seasons in nature and the corresponding seasons of our life, both literally and metaphorically. We’ll explore this concept deeper next Moon with the Medicine Wheel and the Four Directions. Until then, I’m sending you Solstice blessings as we celebrate the return of the light.


The Flow

  • Winter Solstice/Yule: December 20-23
  • Imbolc/Candlemas: February 1/2
  • Spring Equinox/Eostar: March 20-23
  • Beltane/Mayday: April 30/May 1
  • Summer Solstice/Lithia:June 20-23
  • Lammas/Lughnasad: July 31/August 1
  • Fall Equinox/Mabon: September 20-23
  • Halloween/Samhain: October 31/November 1


The Wheel of the Year aligns beautifully with the Lunar Cycle 


  • New Moon = Winter Solstice/Yule
  • Crescent Moon = Imbolc/Candlemas
  • First Quarter Moon = Spring Equinox/Ostara
  • Gibbous Moon = Beltane/MayDay
  • Full Moon = Summer Solstice/Litha
  • Disseminating Moon = Lammas/Lughnasadh
  • Last Quarter Moon = Fall Equinox/Mabon
  • Balsamic Moon = Halloween/Samhain


Coming next month:

Moon 6 | New Moon in Capricorn

The Sacred Blueprint{part three of three}
The Medicine Wheel and the Four Directions

Kristina Wingeier is a Lunar Mystic, Soul Counselor, and Intuitive Healer. Her services include: Soul Counsel Depth CoachingIntuitive Tarot Readings, and The Conscious Empath Sessions: Re-Patterning Energetic BoundariesHer e-course, The Conscious Empath // Foundation Sessions begins with the New Moon in Aquarius, 2/8/16. Find out more information and/or sign up HERE.

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Welcome to Moon 4: New Moon in Scorpio.


The Sacred Blueprint is the name I have given to a trinity of cyclical time measurements that give structure to my days, months and years. The more I live in alignment with these natural cycles, the closer I am to both earthly and cosmic rhythms, as well as my own truth.

Keeping time in this way reminds me that I too am made ofthe same matter as the universe: stardust, fire, water, earth and air. 

As above, so below.

For me, the calendar month is a boxed-in, linear, intellectual way of timekeeping, whereas I *know* The Sacred Blueprint in my body. This is the way the ancestors kept time: watching planetary bodies dance in the skies; noting the ever-changing light’s increase, decrease and return; tracking these patterns with stone, bone and blood. 

The Sacred Blueprint is ancient, timeless and absolutely relevant to 21st century living. Over the next 3 moons I will share a little about each cycle in this trinity: The Lunar Cycle, The Wheel of the Year and The Medicine Wheel & The Four Directions.

By exploring these external rhythms in the world around you, you will begin to see how these cycles of change are reflected within your own inner landscape. You'll also begin to see how the trinity overlaps and interweaves, reflecting aspects of themselves within each other. 


The Lunar Cycle


The Moon has captured our imagination since we first began noticing and tracking the movement of planetary bodies in the sky. The Moon is our planet’s only natural satellite, and she is the closest planetary body to Earth. 

While there are many theories about the Moon’s origin, none are certain, and so she remains a mystery. In many myths from cultures around the globe, the Moon is often connected to the Goddess or Divine Feminine. She is Maiden, Mother, Queen and Crone, depending on which phase she is going through on her monthly journey of transformation.

Each night, the Moon is either growing/expanding (waxing) or shrinking/contracting (waning). She is never static, always changing. Since her cycle around the Sun (as viewed from Earth) takes approximately 29.5 days and the “average” menstrual cycle takes approximately 28 days, the Moon has long been a symbol of women’s innate rhythms & feminine energy.

The Moon reminds us that the only constant is change, that endings become beginnings become endings, and that light and dark are forever entwined, both in the outside world and inside of our own psyches.

As above, so below.


The Dance of Earth, Moon and Sun

The Moon and Earth are in a magnetic field of opposite force, and the gravitational pull of the Moon influences the tides here on Earth, drawing water up and down the beach twice a day. Since our bodies are about 60% water, it would make sense that the Moon’s rhythms effect our own internal tides as well. However, tides aren’t just in the ocean, both the Earth’s atmosphere above our head and the Earth’s crust beneath our feet rise and fall to lunar rhythms.

The Moon and the Sun are in a relationship. One of the keys to understanding the lunar cycle is to notice where the Sun is, because the Moon’s phases depend upon the light from Sun.  There is an intricate dance between the Sun, the Earth and the Moon. Each day, the Moon rises in the east and sets in the west, like the Sun. She takes about one month to orbit Earth. The lunar month (a “moonth”) is measured from each new Moon to the next. There are 13 lunar months in a lunar year.

The Earth is spinning on her own axis as she rotates around the Sun. Simultaneously, the Moon is rotating around the Earth.  As the Moon rotates around Earth, the rays of the Sun bounce off of the Moon at different angles, which is why she is a different size every day/night.

This brings a key teaching of the Lunar Mysteries: the Moon acts as a mirror, reflecting the light of the Sun. While it is impossible to look directly at the Sun with the naked eye, we can easily observe the light of La Luna in all of her phases. In our action/light/yang obsessed culture, the Moon reminds us that darkness is an integral part of light: you can’t have light without shadow and shadow requires light. But I digress…


Contrary to what she looks like from our view on Earth, the Moon is not actually round. Research out of the University of California suggests the Moon actually looks more like a 'squashed sphere' that bulges at the side and is flat and the top and the bottom. One of the contributors says she resembles "a lemon with an equatorial bulge.” 

It is the gravitational pull of the Earth that draws the larger hemisphere of the Moon towards us, so that she looks round when we view her in the sky. Thus, we are actually only seeing one side of the Moon at any time. She also has a “dark side” which we cannot view from Earth, and this side of the Moon becomes beautifully lit on each Mew Moon and dark each Full Moon.

The Phases of the Lunar Cycle  

lunar phase.jpg

The lunar cycle is usually broken down into 8 phases; each phase lasts approximately 3.5 days. Together, these phases total one lunar month.

The lunar cycle begins with the New Moon. You can't actually see the Moon in the sky during this time because the moon rises and travels across the sky with the sun, setting when the sun sets. The only time you can see the New Moon is during a solar eclipse.  Then the Moon passes in front of the Sun and becomes visible, surrounded by the Sun's fiery corona. Energetically, the New Moon is a place of rest and rejuvenation. This is the time to set intentions or goals - ideas that you wish to cultivate and create during the upcoming lunar cycle. The keyword is for the New Moon is SEED.

Round about the third day of the lunar cycle, a tiny sliver of the Moon appears, called the Crescent Moon. This is when we can first see the Moon in the sky. She has moved 45 degrees away from the Sun and can be found hanging sweetly on the horizon right after sundown. Whenever I see the Crescent Moon I find myself feeling so much joy! Energetically this is a time of quiet incubation, similar to the germination of a seed beneath the soil that brings the first tender shoots of a plant. The keyword for the Crescent Moon is SPROUT.

She continues to be identified as Waxing Crescent until she is halfway to full - then she is called the First Quarter Moon. She is now 90 degrees away from the Sun. Think of these words, half full, and you can feel into the energetics of this phase. This is a time of choice and commitment to your New Moon intentions. It’s a great time to reaffirm the direction you are going, using discernment to course-correct as needed while you take action to realize your vision. The keyword for the First Quarter Moon is GROWTH.

As the Moon continues to wax (grow) she is called Gibbous Moon. She is now 135 degrees apart from the Sun, and while her continued growth represents the growing consciousness and outward expression of your intention, you must remember that even though the Gibbous Moon looks full, she isn’t. The energy is one of waiting, which can be the hardest thing to do! Feel free to fine-tune and analyze but don’t look for results yet. The keyword for the Gibbous Moon is BUD.

The peak of her waxing/expansion is the Full Moon. La Luna is  in direct opposition of the Sun (180 degrees apart), rising on the eastern horizon as the Sun is setting in the west. This is the most intense time during the lunar cycle and emotional energy is at a peak; in fact, the word lunacy is derived from luna and was thought to be a by-product of seeing too clearly by the light of the Full Moon. Over the years I've watched some of my biggest outbursts and arguments occur around the Full Moon. In my life I try to slow down during the day before, day of and day after the Full Moon. Energetically, you can use the light of the Full Moon illuminate the full meaning of the seed you planted back at the New Moon. The keyword for the Full Moon is FLOWER.

The peak expansion of the Full Moon lasts only a moment and then she begins to wane, making her way back towards alignment with the Sun. She is 225 degrees ahead of (or 135 degrees behind, depending how you view things) the Sun, and as she begins to slowly shrink she is known as the Disseminating Moon. The built-up tension of the Full Moon has been released, and the fruition of the cycle is complete. It feels right to disperse and distribute information at this time - teaching/sharing, writing, and journaling are all wonderful ways to engage with this energy. Look over the Waxing Moon cycle and notice what worked & what didn’t - take note of the results from the first half of the lunar cycle. The keyword for the Disseminating Moon is FRUIT.

As the Moon continues waning, she reaches the Third Quarter Moon. She is 270° ahead of (or 90° behind) the Sun. The time between the Full Moon and the New Moon is a time of shedding and releasing as the energy continues to wind down from the Full Moon high. The energy supports continued examination of the earlier part of the cycle: it is time to take stock, noticing where you might have veered off course from your intentions. You might even realize that the intention/goals you set for yourself weren’t quite in alignment with your true desires. This is a good time to figure out what to keep and what to let go of and to actively release whatever is outdated. The keyword for the Third Quarter Moon is HARVEST.

The Moon continues to wane until she has almost completely disappeared from the sky with the Balsamic Moon, sometimes called the Waning Crescent. She is 315° ahead (or 45° behind)the Sun. This is a great time to rest if you can - if possible, plan some down time during this phase. Even an afternoon off can do wonders for your own waning energy. This is the perfect time to clean and discard what you don’t want. Let go of whatever didn’t work out this cycle, no need to keep that energy lodged into your body/mind. Notice the tone of self-talk and move into as much compassion as possible. The keyword for the Balsamic Moon is COMPOST.

Living with La Luna

These days, it is very easy to follow the lunar cycle, as there are numerous lunar calendars available, including plenty of choices of apps for your smart phone. If it feels to overwhelming to pay attention to all 8 lunar phases, you can simply begin by becoming aware of the New Moon and Full Moon each lunar cycle.

From New Moon to Full Moon La Luna is waxing, and we are in the light cycle, while from Full Moon back to New Moon she is waning and we are in the dark/shadow cycle. Inhale and exhale, ebb and flow, start to notice how your own energy matches (or doesn’t) the lunar flow. Write notes in your calendar, in your journal, in your phone or right here in your copy of On Path.

You can also create a New Moon altar and/or intention at the beginning of the lunar cycle, using the keywords for each lunar phase to work with your intention over the course of the lunar month.

If you enjoy the Full Moon energy, place a quart of water outside overnight the eve of the Full Moon. The next day you will have charged Full Moon water to drink or to use for ritual. Likewise, you can lay out any magical tools you’d like to infuse  with lunar magic - crystals in particular will draw in her energy quite well.

In whatever way feels right to you, I encourage you to begin to deepen your relationship to La Luna by noticing her movements across the sky and in your life. Her rhythms are a reliable source of guidance during uncertain times. Tracking the lunar cycle is especially wonderful for peri-menopause when the familiar compass of the menstrual cycle begins to deconstruct. Unlike our unpredictable lives here on Earth, the Moon will never let you down. She always arrives exactly on time.

Next month Moon 5 | New Moon in Sagittarius 

The Sacred Blueprint{part two of three} -  The Wheel of the Year

Kristina Wingeier is a Lunar Mystic, Soul Counselor, and Intuitive Healer. Her services include: Soul Counsel Depth CoachingIntuitive Tarot Readings, and The Conscious Empath Sessions: Re-Patterning Energetic BoundariesHer e-course, The Conscious Empath // Foundation Sessions begins with the New Moon in Aquarius, 2/8/16. Find out more information and/or sign up HERE.

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kuan yin altar.jpg

moon two | new moon in virgo
creating an altar


Welcome to Moon 2 | New Moon in Virgo. This lunar cycle I am sharing one of my favorite things in the world, the practice of altar creation.


Altars have been used by cultures all around the world for thousands of years. Simply stated, an altar is a place where you can offer your appreciation for all of the helping spirits in your life. It is a physical and energetic vortex to call in and acknowledge the presence of the sacred.


Since the sacred is with you wherever you are, it isn’t necessary to create an altar in order to connect with Spirit. However, I’ve found altar creation to a beautiful and supportive act of co-creation.


Altars are visual and kinesthetic reminders of what is sacred to me. I like to think of my altars as gathering places; they reflect the act of gathering my energy into the present moment. When I spend time with an altar, whether in creation or in contemplation, it is an invitation for my soul and Spirit to align.


An altar can be in a small space (on a shelf for example), encompass an entire room or it can even be outside. It can be as simple as a candle that you light each day. An altar can be temporary or it can be a place you return to again and again. You can create a new altar each month, for the change of season, every new or full moon, for cultural and/or religious holidays, at the beginning of each week, every new year… the possibilities are truly endless and dictated only by how Spirit is moving through you at any given moment.


An altar can have a theme or particular focus like abundance, love, etc., or it can just represent whatever growth you are experiencing at the moment. You can dedicate your altar to one particular representation of the divine (the goddess, an angel, an animal, a spiritual teacher) or it can be devoted to many aspects of the sacred. You can create an altar alone, with another person, or with a group of people. Whatever works for you is exactly right.


I have altars all over my home. I also have a mini altar in my car. Some of my altars last for months and some last only a few days. The altar in my office/yoga space is my main altar - the one I interact with when doing meditation or focused spiritual practice -  but I attend to each altar as I feel called. Little things, like bringing in new treasures from the outside world, rearranging crystals, replacing burned down candle, or simply taking a moment to ground and center myself as I pass them by throughout my day.


How to create an altar


Note: there are many ways to create an altar, some with very formal instructions. I create my altars much more free form, following my intuition and the callings of Spirit, and this isthe practice I am sharing with you here.


Creating an altar is a sacred practice that will feed your soul. I encourage you to pick one place to create a “main” altar that you will be working with over an extended period of time. When you gather at the same place time and time again, you begin to build up the sacred energy in that particular space. If you feel inspired to create more than one altar follow your desire.


It is important to find a space that offers you easy access so that you can spend time and interact regularly with your altar. Approach the activity of creating your altar free of distractions, when you have some time to focus your energy and intention on your creation.


Speaking of intention, it’s nice to begin by clarifying the intention you wish your altar to represent and amplify. You can write your intention on a piece of paper and put it on your altar if you like. Always use affirmative language with your intentions, so that you are filling your body/mind with positivity each time you read, speak or think about your intention. And make sure that your intention is about YOU and your life, not focused on somebody else.


That said, I personally create many altars without a clearly stated intention… letting Spirit move through me and trustingin the process… so again, do what feels right to you.

Next, gather some items that you would like to place on your altar. Some ideas: candles, photographs, stones/crystals, feathers, flowers/plant material, statues or figurines, jewelry, incense, smudge stick, oracle cards, etc. Remember, your altar is an external version of the Sacred Space that you already are, so choose items that are pleasing to your eye and soul.

Altar creation, step-by-step

(feel free to deviate as your soul desires…)

  • Ground yourself and clear your energy field in whatever way feels right to you.
  • Get clear on your intention as you begin to create your altar.
  • It’s nice to begin with a clean surface - wipe down or dust the area you are using for your altar. 
  • If you are working outside, you might want to sweep or rake the area where you will be working.
  • If you are using an altar cloth or scarf, begin by placing it where you would like your altar to be.
  • “Cleanse” each object before placing it on your altar. I like to use a sacred plant like white sage or palo santo to smudge the objects and myself.
  • If you have one, you can focus on your intention as you place each item on your altar. This infuses the energy of your intention into each item.
  • Call on your helping spirits as you place the objects - guides, angels, teachers, etc. They love it when you remember to ask for guidance and give thanks.
  • After you have placed all of your objects on your altar, take a moment to ask for clear guidance on cultivating your intention if you have one. Or just spend some time in connection with Spirit manifesting through your creation.
  • Relax and have fun - there is no wrong way to do this!

I encourage you to spend some time at your altar each day, even if you only have a few minutes. Contemplating your intention, quieting your mind, making offerings, lighting a candle - all of these activities will nourish your soul and amplify the energy of your sacred space.

Next month - Moon 3 | New Moon in Libra, Creating a Ceremony or Ritual for your Unique Self

Kristina Wingeier is a Lunar Mystic, Soul Counselor, and Intuitive Healer. Her services include: Soul Counsel Depth CoachingIntuitive Tarot Readings, and The Conscious Empath Sessions: Re-Patterning Energetic BoundariesHer e-course, The Conscious Empath // Foundation Sessions begins with the New Moon in Aquarius, 2/8/16. Find out more information and/or sign up HERE.

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Hello beautiful Soul!

Showing up for Spirit: Cultivating a Personal Practice is my offering to you. Over the next 12 new moons, I will be sharing different tools that you can use to create your own spiritual practice - one that is both nourishing and adaptable to your ever-changing needs. 

To me, spiritual practice is really like a love note from myself to the universe and from the universe to me. It's a mutual admiration society.

I think it is important to remember that there are no rules or "shoulds" when it comes to spiritual practice. For one person a fulfilling practice might be meditating for an hour each day. For another it might be as simple as lighting a candle, or listening to birdsong. 

The common thread in all spiritual practice is the intention to connect with the sacred. Honestly, there really is nothing you need to do because you are sacred exactly as you are… however… it can be nice to learn about and play with different tools and techniques that support you in creating a conscious container that honors your connection with Spirit. 

May this offering be a light on the path and bring joy to your heart.


Grounding & Clearing

Over the next three moons we will be exploring different ways to Create a Sacred Container. With moon 1, we begin at the beginning - with the most basic and fundamental practices for connecting with Spirit: Grounding and Clearing.



Grounding connects you to the energy of the earth and brings you into the present moment. Being grounded is the opposite of being frazzled or spaced out. Grounding is presence.

We spend a lot of times in our minds; unless you are an athlete or involve in physical activities, it is quite easy to become disembodied. Even during physical activity, if it is physical movement that you have done repeatedly, you can get caught up in mind chatter and not even be aware of what your body is doing.

Taking some time to tune into your body and your physical environment at the beginning of your practice, or any time of the day for that matter, brings you home and makes you more receptive to the sacred. Receiving the healing, life-force energy from the earth offers you peace and stability in the moment.

Try this: Go outside and stand on the earth barefoot. If it isn't possible to take off your shoes, you can put your hands on the earth. You can also kneel on the ground and touch the earth with your forehead - especially if you are feeling a lot of mental energy in your brain, this can be a nice way of bringing yourself "down to earth”. 

While grounding outside will give you an easy and immediate connection to the earth, depending on your circumstances it isn’t always an easy option. No matter where you are it is easy to root yourself to the earth by listening to the Grounding Cord Visualization or Short Grounding Meditation


Other ways to ground include:

  • yoga or stretching, tai chi or qigong
  • sit in a garden or go a park
  • lay you body down on the earth - take a nap or spend the night!
  • bring crystals and other stones into your environment- on your desk, in your car, in your pockets, tucked in your bra…
  • toning or sounding
  • drumming or rattling
  • putting essential oils on the bottoms of your feet {vetiver is lovely}



Clearing is a way to move stagnant energies from both your body/mind, your energyfield and the physical space. When you clear the energy it is like you are wiping the slate clean on an energetic level - purifying and removing any energy that isn't in your highest and best by opening up your channels and removing the psychic dust.

Clearing, like grounding, brings presence - the most important ingredient in any spiritual practice. Clearing allows you to come to your spiritual practice with a blank canvas. Grounding is actually a form of clearing your energy, because the earth energy is naturally detoxifying.

My favorite way of clearing is smudging. This is when you burn a dried plant in order to use the smoke from the plant to cleanse and purify the environment.  The smoke breaks open the stagnant energy and the aroma of the plant has cleansing properties in it. 

Plants I use to smudge include white sage, sagebrush, palo santo, copal, juniper, cedar, sweetgrass and mugwort. If smoke does not agree with you you can use a spray smudge where essential oils from plants are added to water.                                         

Clearing is just as important as grounding for me - especially after an argument or any kind of tense, stressful situations.  At home, burning white sage is my go-to tool for shifting the energy in the house. If I don’t have access to smudging plants or sprays, I usually clear my field by getting fresh air or visualize cleansing light moving through my body.


Other ways to clear include:

  • open windows and/or doors
  • light incense 
  • use singing bowl/gong/bells
  • light a beeswax candle
  • turn on a salt lamp
  • take a shower or bath (add epsom or sea salt to your bath for extra cleansing)
  • close your eyes and imagine light coming in through the top of your head and spreading through your body… use whatever color feels right in the moment)
  • clapping, rattling, drumming


I hope these tools, whether they are old friends or new ones, will assist you in bringing clarity into the present moment, the very best place to grow your spiritual practice. 



Next up: Moon 2 | New Moon in Virgo :: Altars :: Creating a Gathering Place


Kristina Wingeier is a Lunar Mystic, Soul Counselor, and Intuitive Healer. Her services include: Soul Counsel Depth CoachingIntuitive Tarot Readings, and The Conscious Empath Sessions: Re-Patterning Energetic BoundariesHer e-course, The Conscious Empath // Foundation Sessions begins with the New Moon in Aquarius, 2/8/16. Find out more information and/or sign up HERE.

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