April 22 

5:24 UTC

2 degrees 


Horoscopes are a compass for where intention may be accessed & illumination most happenin’. What you’re working with & need to know. For heightened insight, read for your rising/ascendent sign. If you don’t know yours yet, go ahead with your Sun sign!


A Scorpio Full Moon is thrilling. Exposed. Raw. What're you hiding behind? Underneath? Scorpio strips away the layers like none other. Ends cycles to birth what will continue strong. Pulling you in & drawing you out. Metamorphosis. Elimination as a default strategy is effective at this time, when it's coming from your intentional power, your intentional knowing. Not fear or panic-control. This Full Moon is a climatic checkpoint of the transfiguration we’ve already been soul-deep in. We moved forward with Aries season & Scorpio Phoenix Moon is bringing us closure, sealing our victories, healing our armor. Don’t kill off everything, clean off the ashes & RISE. You got this. 




ARIES: Revel in your Rise. Everything you have absorbed from other people/situations is expired now. If you can get alone, or with someone sacred, & ritualize the mutation of this energy into life-force. Think of your psyche as an altar, where the contributions to your evolution are honored, pain & process alike. Phoenix.  



TAURUS: Self-pity is compassion internalized. Resentments are prisons made from when you didn't love yourself enough. When you let other people off the hook from having to free you, you make room for you to get intimate with your own power. Power is a word which here means: knowing what's yours & what's theirs & merging with intention. 



GEMINI: If you're sensing overwhelm from your body or in your daily functions, here is where you get to remove anything that's not invigorating. Here is where you realize what has been depleting your forces. Prioritize habits that keep you clean & efficient while allowing any stagnation/repressions to be extracted. Then regenerate. Paradox to power. 



CANCER: The amount of toxicity we tolerate is parallel to the potency of our missions. Creation is not just tangible forms of expression, but it is all the ways you exist. All the ways you are present & interact with life-force. It is intense because your bliss is at risk. Be fanatically fierce about the integration of your shadow-turned-light. Consider yourself TURNED ON. 



LEO: Scenarios/feelings are coming up that solidify your perhaps long-held suspicion that you are no longer who you were. It may have been hard to recognize yourself up until now. And maybe you have known who you are all this time but nothing was the same. Now you may find that though transfiguration never ceases, you belong relentlessly to yourself. Deeply. Your history, your source, your core. The metamorphosis comes to completion. For now. 



VIRGO: Feel through the signals on this one. Forget about analytical processes for accuracy & focus on instinctual intentions. You’re going to need them to navigate the incoming-outgoing streams of intensity. People are going to act up. Authenticity will be faked. Don’t try to figure it out. All you need to know is what you see. The deeper your real is, the less relevant stagnant situations are. Cleanse the exchanges.



LIBRA: What you need right now, may not have accepted you deeply crave, is unconditional love. From yourself. Allow all those buried wounds of rejection show up for healing. You are safe when you trust yourself. Any fear around security (money, values, being valued) is soothed by exposure- letting the light reach in. To ground, nurture yourself like a child who is learning to remember. Avoid scarcity tactics & install love strategies for your heightened senses.  



SCORPIO: You feel the pull in deeply. It’s exhilarating really, because you’ve been SO ready. To move at your own pace. To create space for clarity & intuition to be your power source. What are you sourced by? What is your intimacy & presence fueled by? That comes to be seen now. It comes to be owned. There are next to no mysteries for you now. You have seen yourself & that is climax in itself. The rest needs time...



SAGITTARIUS:  The deeper your self-protection, the sexier your vulnerability is. Don't avoid intimacy with your fears- turn them into prayers & it will transform repression into reception. Yes, here you can heal what still hurts. You can also feel what no longer does. Where you have become magic. 



CAPRICORN: What you're tolerating for fear of taking up too much space otherwise is seen for what is is under this moon. Where you're holding back for fear of vulnerability is inevitably revealed. Facades shatter so fall back into the Universe, trusting that the commitments to your visions are supported. In the overwhelm, heal with your high vibe. 



AQUARIUS: Power trips get hacked right now. On one? Or in someone else's? Any long-term effort that isn't founded in authenticity is seen as a system compromise. Rejoice in the ambitions you've realized & may you see where your cravings have been satisfied. Act like compassion is the only way up. (It is.) 



PISCES: Again & again we're brought to the brink of everything we thought we knew was true. Over the precipice is truth that is resonant with every vibration of your being. After the growin pains is trust. After the release is heightened reception. After the end is the beginning. The mission is to translate your original motives of transcending into resilient perspectives. 


saltwater & stars, 


Ariana Felix

Ancient seafarers navigated the sea by the stars; I use them to access intuitive strategy for navigating in your sphere & anchoring in storms. 


Illumination on the bi-monthly lunacy & how to sync like the tide using your own chart. New Moons are clarity of intention; Full Moons are climax. Get yours. 

 {Readings are via email correspondence, with optional intro via phone/Skype, allowing space & time for an intuitive & interactive conversation.} 

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Leaving our deck for the bears, it's all quartz & spirals. And soup, in bread bowls.

Crushing chopped garlic, leeks & scallions against hot butter. Topping with a pound of parsnip & potato. Simmering with a couple cubes of organic boullion + a shot of cream.

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Make home in a day of contrasts. Seek a bit of the wet & mauve-isn underworld. Leave an offering of sweet nothings whispered to dropping leaves. Stack an indoor hammock with woolen throws. Deep dive into the New Moon in Scorpio feelings armed with pancakes + toffee

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{Each week we give you a glimpse into MOONRISE|13 by highlighting the work of beloveds from our real-life community of creative Earth, culture & community keepers.}

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 *Publisher's Note: We are thrilled to share this *free* thinking toolkit, a lunar year of Sacred Boundaries shared weekly, grounded in Angelique's many years as an activist, herbalist, community trainer, and SisterKeeper. She's a medical advocate for sexual assault victims, social justice & anti-racism facilitator, holding monthly Red Tents & the online School for Medicine Womyn.  More than this, Angelique is a dear friend that has fiercely supported our global community sisterhood, for years, now. This is family medicine. *Weekly* -M

*Publisher's Note: We are thrilled to share this *free* thinking toolkit, a lunar year of Sacred Boundaries shared weekly, grounded in Angelique's many years as an activist, herbalist, community trainer, and SisterKeeper. She's a medical advocate for sexual assault victims, social justice & anti-racism facilitator, holding monthly Red Tents & the online School for Medicine Womyn.  More than this, Angelique is a dear friend that has fiercely supported our global community sisterhood, for years, now. This is family medicine. *Weekly*


Sacred Boundaries For Self


We’ve been engaged in sacred boundaries in the sphere of the sacred, last time you created a collage that maps where you are at. In my work as an activisionary we talk about what it would look like to live outside of the striving/or the struggle. This very time driven existence that demands that we stick every experience into a formula for action, how do we unplug from that very formulaic why into the beingness of our own experience. I often share with folks when I provide a structure for movement that if it prevents you from actually doing it, drop it. Let it go. While parts of our human experience desire to name and label, it is not always in our best interest. Can you engage and set boundaries around the sacred for its own sake, without a prefabricated trending agenda? Can you dance in the tension of creating space for the unknown to be nourished? Why unknown? Because you can’t assign a name to that which has many and is none. In that space you will find solace and fullness because it holds capacity for all of you. 


I recommend you put together all these parts and read it again but all at once. When you are done…gather your sacred space making tools, be sure to ground and plug in. Grounding through your root chakra and plugging in through your crown, this stabilizes movement as energy and messages flow. When ready engage in the following questions…allow silence and stillness.


What have the boundaries around your practice in relationship to the sacred been?


What is in need of repair and reframing? Listen for what the essence in you needs at this season for nourishment..these messages come not from the thought but from plugging into the sacred current. 


What is coming up?…I imagine this piece of myself as a being and I often start with a teary I’m so sorry, I love you. This happens because I recognize that for me it can get so busy and move so fast. There are times I choose the busy over the slow..over the sacred, ”I can’t stop this must get done”. Or sometimes the plan gets in the way and that is when I know, I need to let go. My offering are my tears and a heart hungry to just sit and be. 


I Wait

I wait for you at the edges

I watch in tearful expectation, maybe today

Maybe today you’ll be with me…

I don’t want you to do..anything, just be with me

When you lay down exhausted and feel a warm sensation envelope you, that’s me loving on you

I don’t fit into the boxes or the list, or the next asana sequence  

I’m the hunger inside that makes you cry at mountains and weep at flowers

I watch you as you try to learn some new way to engage me..but all I want is for you to be with me

I have the answers you’re looking for

I’ve tried to tell you they are within

What am I? I am the galaxy in a cell 

I am the rush of rivers

I am the ecstasy in the release of an orgasm

I am the breath of a baby

I am night sky

I am the sunrise

I am the twinge in your chest that squeezes tight at the morning light

I am waiting for you….

I am the essence that holds the secrets of the universe and I dwell in you

I wait 


Now go into your Moonrise planner and plug in the space to meet with your sacred essence and guard those boundaries. This is very important…if you need to put up mantras or prayers to remind you of the why this matters, do so. And when not if, but when you loose your way and the rush of the day takes over…come repair your boundaries and mend the fence. Come home.


Next stop Sacred Boundaries for Self….xo

Angelique Arroyo Medicine Womyn: Guidess, Healer + ActiVisionary

Phone: 7172952547

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