There's an interview with Maya over on Annapurna Living this's a bit on welcoming the day & grounding in the chaos. You can read the rest, & dive into the lush community of our beloved POLLEN {i} alumni Carrie-Anne Moss, here.



Cuddling, with whoever appeared in my bed! I love warmth, skin and the smell of soft baby hair. We come from a matrilineal culture, where shared beds create a deep sense of trust, security, and accountability for the kids, with plenty of ease + power for the mother. I have vivid childhood memories of being freezing in San Francisco, with raccoons fighting outside the window, and running to my mom’s bed. Safe and sound. While everyone has their own beds and spaces, I want my children to have access to that same sense of warmth, comfort and security. Now that there’s four, they aren’t as interested in cozying up with me when they can dog pile, but we love to stay in the same room, sleeping by the fire Fall-thru-Spring. So I wake up and stoke the flames, adding a few logs. I light a couple of candles, put on the hot water and reheat the soup. It’s all about gentle brightness for all twelve senses. There’s a tune I hum, given to me by my baylan, my grandmother guides, as I cut lemons, smash garlic, onions, ginger and sprinkle cayenne for salabat. This is a Filipino medicinal tea that I drink with a bit of maple syrup each morning. It’s hardcore and takes me right into the moment, again, hitting each of the senses. Once I’m warmed up, I go feed our goats, turkey and chickens.


This happens a bit everyday…I pause. I go into my closet for space before I realize it’s no help. But I do it every time! If I have had a full day, the kitchen is a mess, and they expect a full fresh meal, I used to flip. Now I let them fend for themselves and hit the fields for sunset. My practice of twenty years is a barefoot medicine walk. I bring the greatfulness, with all of my questions and feelings. I don’t try to quiet my mind or do anything, but I stay open to tokens and auguries from the natural world and they always come, of course. If there is a burden I’m holding, I will lay down and let the Earth take on the weight. She always carries me. It’s an honor to be a daughter of Earth. In my tradition we leave offerings of service, and pray for support to fulfill the vision. So humility looks like putting it down and not ever carrying more than my piece. I’m not so good at that yet. But I’ve learned to call my women, my legacy keepers. They always, always make me laugh.

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