May 21 

21:14 UTC 

1 degree Sagittarius 


Horoscopes are a compass for where intention may be accessed & illumination most happenin’. What you’re working with & need to know. For heightened insight, read for your rising/ascendent sign. If you don’t know yours yet, go ahead with your Sun sign!


This is a FIERCE Full Moon. Mars in Sagittarius, retrograding into Scorpio, is merged with the already raw energy of the Moon opposite the Sun. Mars is radically candid in Sagittarius, fighting for Truth. The Moon here is informing you on your version of it. The Truth most relevant to you. Temporarily, permanently- what you need to know to move forward, when the time comes, is clear now. Or even the resurrection of a situation you thought was over but is back for a pop quiz. The trick is not to follow impulse (Mars is Retro, Sag is hasty) but to strategize towards freedom. Expect insights into the belief system supporting your Higher Power. Be as open & available as you can to new inputs of Source while learning from where[who] you are Now. 



ARIES: This Full Moon really is all about your Mars story (Sag is a story-teller). You’ve been itching itching itching to revitalize your current landscape into something more resonant with your refreshed Authentic vibe. Yet there is healing to be done yet & Mars back into Scorpio will bring it to you. Meanwhile, get in touch with your inner Guru so as to be comfortable with the open ended questions...



TAURUS: For those of you in a war between breaking open & playing safe with yourself, the climax battle has come. Strategy: prioritize love. And this may not be so much about a choice between two as a merging them. Knowing what it is to love yourself so radically that you are able to break open, safely. Honor transparency & you Win. 



GEMINI: If there was a time you adopted other people versions of the truth/reality as your own, it is no longer. The reappearance of projections you thought had been eliminated are just showing you what you are no longer tolerating. Reinforcement. This is a core strengthening Full Moon. To eliminate projections we must actually integrate the aspect of ourselves we resist. Don't initiate (especially compromise), just retract your force field, for now. 



CANCER: For any health/mundane mayhem, look into anger. Your relationship with the repression/expression of it & how it translates into your state of Being. Whatever is showing up physically or as a sense of overwhelm is directing you to streamline & expand (paradoxes mean magic) the space & time you have to receive bliss. It is so so important that your everyday human experience align with your spiritual values. Retrieve your Rights. 



LEO: I want you to celebrate your victories & I also want you to know that there is internal work (healing, releasing=freeing) to be done before you will see the progress you know you've made. Yes, this Moon is fire-power. Everything else is on pause though. You are Creatrix; do not allow the recalibration to confuse you. Strategize with it to access the ultimate clarity you need before the Expansion Project continues. 



VIRGO: I so deeply understand your frustration with familiar aches & pains from the ancient spheres of your psyche coming up for air. Sag wants to move on already, their fave default strategy being that of nonchalantness.  So with a Full Moon ON Mars in Sag, you’re really feeling that urge. But Mars is not even in Scorpio yet, which is really gonna detox residue sh*t. And yeah, you’re over it (we all are), so use the sage clarity of Sagittarius to strategize how the need for ELEVATION so present with you right now, will keep you high vibe. 



LIBRA: Emphasize more on incorporating your pure standards into every interaction than making them KNOWN. I’m not even saying walk the talk, I’m saying streamline the “talk" to the essential minimum. This is just so you have more energy to process the massive energetic/mental shifts in focus. Retroactive adjustments. Think true, think real, think alignment. And then wait. 



SCORPIO: Mars Retro may have you feeling lacking/inadequate. Here’s your Full Moon reminder that you do not need to know-be-do all to be sure that you deserve love. From yourself. There is enough within you. You do not need to be the most high minded individuated being to receive…You can ease into it. Over attachments come into focus now- what is your security bound up in? Look for freedom there. Pray. 



SAGITTARIUS:You are learning so much about the freedom in knowing yourself. Mars Retro may have slowed up some of the manifest-hustle you’ve been on- don’t stress it. The internal experiences are as valid as the external ones. There is no blasphemy like that of doubting yourself. Trust trust trust. Be on alert for answers you have been waiting for to come now & ask for any clarity you need. It may take time but your vibe is on it. 



CAPRICORN: Get real…quiet. Silence the busy-ness for this moon. Because your limitations are shattering under the weight of how AWAKE you are. Yes, freedom is being injected into your subconscious. You may not be able to scratch the itch until after Mars goes direct (June 30), but you sure as hell can be with the permeation. Let the truth hurt & the fire burn through. You’ll be imbued with magic. 



AQUARIUS: Sagittarius isn’t afraid of the truth. They’re excited about it. It’s a leavening agent, causing things to grow fast & full. Less of what doesn’t elevate you, more of what does= abundance. Some might think that too much bliss is really just over-indulgent & taking advantage of what is available to you.Yet if your belief system is supporting you, won’t you be better positioned for generosity? Surround yourself with the like-minded to avoid hope-suckers. 



PISCES: Even while you’re waiting for hope & hard-work to come through, you can celebrate. Bjork, Sag of course, once said "I'm half ancient, half child". It's ok to be in the in-between of human & spirit. You’re not stuck, you’re figuring it out. So is everyone else so go easy on them, as long as you’re not compromising what matters the most. This is a checkpoint that will reveal what is left to be done & how far you’ve come. Stay High. 



Ariana Felix

Ancient seafarers navigated the sea by the stars; I use them to access intuitive strategy for navigating in your sphere & anchoring in storms. 


Illumination on the bi-monthly lunacy & how to sync like the tide using your own chart. New Moons are clarity of intention; Full Moons are climax. Get yours. 

 {Readings are via email correspondence, with optional intro via phone/Skype, allowing space & time for an intuitive & interactive conversation.} 

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