Lioness Peony of Meadowlark Garden. By   PwderPoint <- click!

Lioness Peony of Meadowlark Garden. By PwderPoint <- click!


Truth: Scarcity thinking is eliminated in the presence of peony.

You feel this now, right, as you look at her? I will tell you right now, I have to be sitting down.

She is just beginning to arrive On Path. She brings me to tears. I am reminded of the Eternal's givingness.

We can believe in parameters, or we can believe in peonies. And the truth:

They appear every year. Each one has more beauty than we can ever take the time to soak in. There are more varieties of them than we could ever bring into our homes. And there are more peonies gifted to Earth than we can ever, ever gather.

I know. I'm being over-the-top. And that is the point. When we focus on ourselves, that includes the whole of our Inner Knowing, Inner Alchemy, the External Display + External Awareness, all useful information for keeping us safe & processing & working that ever-interesting growing edge. When we focus on the truth of nature's ability to create miracles, on what's actually available in this world, then we realize our supply is over-the-top.  Peony is symbolic of that truth.

This year, you'll need to choose your focus, because Mars is in Retrograde until August. Maybe you have felt this, since late March. Mars is our yang, our momentum, our launch energy. And now it has moved further away, & it's harder for us fertilize our own projects. We don't have punch.

What we have, however, is an over-abundance of femininity.

The way to distinguish your work now, thru August, to have your work be seen, to let your projects consume the imaginations of others, is to work the feminine gesture:



Where before we were putting ourselves out there, making subtle demands of ourselves to clarify, produce, fine tune, & to make the world know us, & our message, now we put down our sword for a season. Now we indulge in all the self-care products & courses we've stacked in our email. Now we have our sisters for tea & take long walks. Now we choose our favorite practice & begin a 40-day sahdana or 100-day gong. Now we edify + build those that are nourishing us.

An example of this is the weekly give-aways we are doing with & for Empress Tides sistren over @namastetiff. This is all about reception, all about win-win-win. It's letting in gifts, growing more beautiful & vibrant because of them, letting others know we were gifted, & gifting even more. It's the riot of Spring, via social media. And what is more irresistible than a cluster of blooms, gently exploding with gratitude?

If you are shy, as I can be, or afraid, as I often am, or fairly sure that *the most important product of your business, initiative, or community is the community landscape* then this is the way for you. Pay very close attention. Implement. This is a full marketing model.



The more laser-clear & lucid you become about your vision, purpose & offerings, the more existence you have in the form of team, products, impact & allies, the harder it can be to soften. You cannot let go of the reins. You need to surround yourself with images of Peony, actual blooms, or bring her into your meditation & heart floor to feel into what this looks like. 

Peony softens into her expansion. She releases in a gentle, slow explosion towards the sun. She generates a personal exposure that is certainly decadent, but there is a quality that feels personally indulgent - it's clear that she is softening for herself. It's like an long, deepened exhale when we are also soaking in the sun, or a much-needed shower. In fact. Do these things. As often as possible between now & August.

Deepen the exhale. Soak in the sun. Deepen the exhale. Soak in the shower.



Now is the moment for complexity & lightness in your transparency. Yes, share your truth, but do so while holding yourself lightly. Bring a gentle humor to your process, not taking yourself so seriously, letting your learning curve show, but all inside of the faith that all is not only well, but it is, in fact, glorious.

While we usually share or hide the layers of the onion, now there is no onion in sight. Only layers upon layers of softly jagged ruffle, luscious velvet, & succulent pastels.



Embody your reflection of the Empress. Let your values be billowy, elevated. Peony rises towards the Sun, like any plant, but she doesn't lean. She moves straight up, towards the sky. It's only moon-shot thinking, for her.

And when she gets there, she is no rocket. She rises in her own time, & holds her secrets tight within, a bulb of formality, barely hinting at what she'll share in right time. And when she is ready to let go, she's not just a flower. She's a wedding dress. A commitment. Unafraid to be seen, picked, cherished & adored. She exudes love.  This is her time, & owns it.


Even if you don't have access to fresh peonies, look at what lives on Pinterest:

From now on, make sure you have at least one glass of fresh flowers on your table. 

They are your mirror. Learn to care for them, & how to create a beautiful arrangement, that reflects the gentle, fierce gesture you want to perpetuate in the world. Your gesture. They can always be different, as you are always different. Let them capture your attention, & keep you present to truth.

Women, you are the peonies that bring me to sit, the nourishment I wish to help share with the world. Thank you for letting me play witness to your beauty, your unfurling, your lofty values. You really do bring me to tears. As you know.  xx, Maya


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