Reflecting Your Inner Wisdom (part 2 of 3) Creative Practice

Moon 8 // New Moon in Pisces

Total Solar Eclipse


"To be and to be creative are synonymous. It is impossible to be and not to be creative" ~ Osho


Every culture and tradition links creativity and spirituality. There are many ways to express our soul's song and engage with Spirit; music, dancing, singing, poetry and painting are common ways to express this delight of being. Yet creativity is not limited to the arts. Creativity shows up in the way we play, the way we relate to others, the way we navigate difficulties and the way we find innovative solutions to problems. 


The anthropologist Ellen Dissanayake suggests that the act of creating is actually a biological need that is basic to human nature. She describes creating as “making special", and while creativity certainly includes artistic expression, it encompasses our whole lives. Any and every act in which we "make special" can be a creative one. 


Growing up, I heard my mother repeat the phrase "I am not creative" over and over. She truly felt that because she couldn't draw or sew that she wasn't creative. She assigned creative expression to artistic and crafty pursuits only. Never mind the amazing meals, cakes and candies she concocted in the kitchen - this wasn't really creativity in her mind. It makes me so sad to think of her negating her own creative spirit for so many years because of a limiting belief and definition of what creativity was. I realize that it has impacted my own creative expression in the world; learning to feel aligned with my own creative expression is an ongoing process.


I had the opportunity to spend time in Bali last autumn, a place where creativity & spirituality are integrated seamlessly into daily life. From my perspective, the Balinese are “making special” everyday in so many ways. The gorgeous batik fabrics, the enchanting gamalon music and fluid dance movements are certainly examples of creative artistry. However, creativity isn’t limited to the arts. Everyday clothes are colorful and expressive. Flower petals are strewn about and used to make designs at shop entrances. Simple and beautiful offerings are made fresh each day and put everywhere - at shrines, on the sidewalk, in homes, shops, inside of cars. These gestures are an acknowledgement of the beauty that exists and a co-creative relationship with that beauty. Because the world of spirits and the world of humans seems so wonderfullyblurred in Bali, it was the perfect environment to remind me that “making special” everyday can be a simple and profound way to connect with Spirit.



Engaging in a creative practice is a wonderful place to connect with the sacred. Creative practice doesn't have to be about spirituality to be part of your spiritual practice. And, you don't have to be an "artist" to be creative. You can express your creativity in the kitchen, in the garden, with your body, with your mind, in your workplace, in your self-care, in your communications, with paint, with dance, with music, in the way you decorate your home, etc., etc., etc. 


My love is photography, mostly using my iPhone. I have so much fun taking pictures that reflect the sacred beauty that I see in the world around me. Sure, we've all seen a picture of a rose or the sky. But the way that I'm seeing it and the way I choose to share what I'm seeing are reflective of my creative self and my connection with Spirit. The best thing about my creative practice is the joy I feel doing it.


Journal prompts


  • What ways do you engage with your creativity?
  • If you have a creative practice, do you consider this a place to connect with Spirit?
  • Do you have a bias that creativity is the realm of artists only?
  • What would it be like to drop that story and lean into yourself as a creative being?
  • Do you have a fantasy about exploring any particular type of creative practice? 
  • What is keeping you from doing it?


I invite you to begin trusting the creative impulses that are moving through you. There are thousands upon thousands of ways to “make special”… I can’t wait to see yours.


Next month:

Moon 9 | New Moon in Aries

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