She’d been whispering to me quietly, showing up in the soft petals of the fragrant roses blooming in my garden, in my dreams that beg me to stay just a little longer, and in the soft places my eyes wish to linger. Then her calling came louder with her inspiration for heart elixirs and skin potions, in the messages of friends (Maya) telling me to lay down my sword and others who speak of heart openings and then her insistence that I offer up what is most healing to me.


She tells me I don’t need to release what no longer serves me, I don’t need to step into my power, I don’t need to mine my shadows for the gold or reconnect with nature as if I could ever be disconnected. She tells me I don’t need to try harder to become my best self or change my thought patterns. She tells me I don’t need to find my true purpose or either speak or silence my truths. I don’t even need to forgive myself.


She tells me all I need to do is just be… and to love… giving and receiving, and to shine my light that already is infinitely bright and perfect. Fiercely and gently, that is all.


And she tells me I am loveable, you are loveable, we are all loveable just as we are- nothing to fix, nothing to work on, nothing to do- everything wholly perfectly imperfect and human and divine. All of it.


This is the feminine path. Her way is through love and compassion for of all that is. She radiates it out, all you have to do is be open, to receive it and to mirror it out into the world. Its that simple, a heart truth. The mind may struggle with this yet if you allow yourself to listen with your heart and receive it with your heart you will feel it enfold you in the softest of embraces. She is the softest place to fall into, pure, infinite, unconditional love.


Xx Galia

"Opening the gate of Kuan Yin, we discover parts of ourselves almost too beautiful for words. The yearning for the direct experience of our luminescent nature…To know Kuan Yin we need to let go of all that is unloved, judged, forged from old mind clingings. She is the unconditional love beyond the conditioned mind."

-Wisdom of Stephen Levine who went recently went to join the Bowie/Ravi band.

We start in a week, on Valentine's Day-to find out more about this circle visit here:

visual poet. beauty unveiler, light huntress, moment caresser, visionary.
Ultimately, all of my work is about helping people peel back the layers to experience the intense beauty of each moment allowing access to both their intuitive wisdom and a deeper connection to spirit and self.                 

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