Rosemarinus Officialnis

Rosemarinus Officialnis

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”~ Albert Einstein


Boundaries in relation to the mind is an important conversation to engage in, to me. Our mind is so precious. I always find it interesting when folks declare on their Facebook that they are denouncing it and deleting their profile. I totally get the struggle- information overload. We are surrounded by this marvelous amount of thoughts. Which can be both extremely powerful and harmful. Light and shadow. We are exposed to so much information coming at us all the time. Where is the rest? We have mindful practices, meditations, etc. Apps to help us “clear the mind” and re-center. And yet I don’t hear any conversation about setting up boundaries to safeguard our minds. Recognizing that spirit is infinite, as well as energy, but that this human vessel is not. I say this while honoring the amazing capacity we have to time bend, alchemize and transform things from one state to another. 


Yet if we are using sustainability as a metric, we must move intentionally. What are the boundaries that you have around your mind? How much mental processing are you doing, how fast, and what is your space and time relationship like? How much pressure-literally and energetically, are you filling your field with? 


I want you to imagine both thoughts and information being kin to yarn. Yes, yarn. For each thought, whether sending out or receiving, you have a string of yarn. I think this would be visually incredible…imagine how many pieces of yarn would be connected to you. I want you to see this similar to debris floating in space. Some researchers think we have between 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day. And this is not counting all that delicious learning you've taken on. 


What would boundaries around the mind actually look like? It looks like being intentionally engaged. It looks like creating space for a slower assimilation of information. It looks like the kindness of breaks, naps and space. It looks like surrounding yourself with stones & crystals like hematite… rosemary planted in your garden..sprinkled in your food. And wafting in your office as an essential oil. 


It looks like the kindness of not taking on a new thing to allow for the integration of the last thing, and supporting it by grounding into earth. Whether you're using the cycle of the moon, medicine wheel, or astrological movement- it is imperative that we step back and clearly support ourselves in setting the boundaries. This time on earth offers the gift of perspective. That is something I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. I think sometimes we get so lost in the unification work that we miss that the individual pieces need nourishing. We seek to amplify, magnify and broaden our reach. Then for a double dose, we seek out things that would support that kind of magnitude. I think it is time to ask: is this sustainable? If the answer is no, then what are the boundaries we need to set to honor the sacred gift of the mind? How can you slow it down? Or in what ways do you need to shake it up? 


Gather your tools…we need to set or repair the fence!


The boundaries for different ways of movements will look different. Someone who moves quantumly may need boundaries that ground. Someone who moves very slowly may need support in shaking it up and alchemizing. The metric is boundaries that support sustainability, growth and integration of our minds and movement. 


What is your reception speed? Do you absorb information quickly or slowly? 


Research crystals and herbs to support. For quicker picker uppers, you want grounding that will support integration. For deeply rooted/grounded folks, you want supports that accelerates movement. Another way of looking at this is 7th Chakra & 1st Chakra. 


Gather your calendar…what new information/learnings are you presently engaged in? What is coming up/how much time do you actually have? What season are you in…a summer season full of activity…a spring full of newness…a fall? 


Call on your angel helpers, ancestors and guides. We are all descendants of a line; here to do a work. They will know what will support you in creating boundaries so that the integration of your work moves with thoroughness for your time and generation. Ask: what boundaries do I need to set for the health and sustainability of my mind?  What tools did you use? 


Create a sacred space that will be a literal representation of a boundary for your mind. Allow your mind to depend on it. "This is where I will go to breathe & be still. To allow my mind rest."



The work we are doing here around boundaries is like a mandala laid out in the forest. We pace, we listen, we watch, we feel. We are pieces and a whole. We are individuals and a collective. 


Our next path will be the body. We will journey down a path that will connect you to the earth. In this space you must take off your shoes. Mother requires it as an offering. Only skin to skin contact will do as we take the path of the body through the forest. Are you ready? 

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