Full Moon in Leo    3 degrees   January 24   01:46 UTC

Full Moon in Leo
3 degrees
January 24
01:46 UTC

This is your Kingdom Come Moon. The paradox is: you also have to come for your kingdom. The fullness of you. Your presence, your intention, your bliss. Everything you are/experience is a power source. The challenges, the gratitude, the acceptance. It’s all You. Light, flow, force-cycling through & with you. If any theatrics attempt to dethrone you, focus on your victories. Celebrate your royalty, & how the Divine is within, without, surrounding you. This is the Full Moon of last July’s New Moon.

Horoscopes are a compass for where intention may be accessed & illumination most happenin’. What you’re working with & need to know. For heightened insight, read for your rising/ascendent sign. If you don’t know yours yet, go ahead with your Sun sign!


ARIES: Approach challenges as a creative opportunity. You are the Designer of your experiences. You can pull yourself into a deeper process that satisfies your urges for alchemy if you allow your need for freedom to be seen. If you allow yourself to be seen. Avoid unnecessary drama while not hesitating to establish your presence.


TAURUS: You might feel a heightened sensitivity (kinda a Full Moon mandate), particularly in the arena of home. What makes home to you? What are you made up of? You might realize you need more rooting, more love, more belonging. You might realize you have more than enough. Either way, you’re in charge of making it happen. Own it.


GEMINI: Disregard the fuss of every thing/one wanting your attention. Be present for yourself. Engage in every arena but never from obligation. Let the Light drive you, forget the rest. Seek Light. Give Light. Be Light. When you are enough for you, you’re enough for the ones that matter. Be present & everything else will rise to met you.


CANCER: You are provided for. You are provided for. You are provided for. And it is your right to feel safe, sure, wanted. Whatever you do, don’t give your peace of mind away for a temporary morsel of acceptance. Don’t give anything away. Show up & so will the support. It’s essential that you trust the Universe & remember to trust yourself.


LEO: This could be the most satisfying or the most frustrating time you’ve had in a while. Or both. Here’s what you need to remember: You are the everything you need.You are a combination of glory & holy never before seen. You are figuring it out & no matter how much time it takes, be here, be now. Take time to rejoice in your awakeness...

VIRGO: They say not to tame your demons & you may be feeling like they overrun you. The secret is: You are not who you were then. Everything feels so familiar & so foreign all at once. You may not even be able to recognize yourself. As scary as that is, don’t consider it a relapse. Or even a comeback. You have always been this powerful. If you can be by yourself, give your soul time to be seen, you will find the wholeness you feel like you’ve lost grasp on. Release the struggle & accept that you’ve won.

LIBRA: Your visions/dreams/wishes for the future are so influential towards the people & ideas you surround yourself with. And vice versa. Realizing this takes you 100 steps closer to actualization. Yet this Full Moon, though it may illuminate what’s lacking in that arena- how people/ideas are falling short- it’s really about you rising up. Into your future. Owning your possibilities as missions, not just fantasies. This doesn’t compromise your security, it strengthens it.

SCORPIO: You are standing. On the top of histories & stories crafted & translated by your very existence. People may be tripping over their own projections, & that’s ok. As long as you aren’t tripping over yours. Self reliance is a combination of trust & transcendence. Ask yourself this: whatever you may appear to be to others, who are you to yourself? Do you accept yourself wholly? Unconditionally? Because if you don’t, this Full Moon will feel like the mountain crumbling underneath you. And if you do, it will feel like the the Crowning.


SAGITTARIUS: For you, a prayer. May this Full Moon show you the completion of many lessons you’ve been teaching yourself. May you feel whole. May you feel strong. May you feel bright. May you feel pure. May you feel alive. May you feel righteous. May you know what you are sure of, & may you be sure of yourself, above all. May you see truth as a nonnegotiable essence of your integrity. May you feel free.

CAPRICORN: Underneath that usually cool, calm, collected exterior of yours, you are fierce & full of fire. You are a Dragon. If you are afraid that your darkness is not always understood or appreciated, know that the less you allow fear to determine how much of yourself you show, the more deeply you will be known. This, however, requires that you admit to your vulnerabilities. It may be the only way to truly satisfy your cravings for intimacy. No one knows your shadows like you do, & maybe no one ever will. Yet is that really power?

AQAURIUS: Beware of being receptive of others projections. Beware of projecting. Power plays & ego trips are easy to fall into sometimes. Be picky with your battles. Avoid battles at all, if you can. It is possible for each individual to be fully present & in-power without compromising. Once this is understood & integrated, there is enough space for relationships/interactions that only serve to strengthen & uplift. If space is needed, give it. To yourself, to others. And if your presence is needed, give it. To yourself, to others.

PISCES: Prioritize happiness. It is a royal responsibility to be able to discern what is adding/subtracting to the Glow. If you’re not feeling resonant, restructure. Allow what is no longer relevant to fade away. Be accountable for the energy you are dispersing into everyday functions. Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you are overwhelmed with all that life is asking of you. Don’t hesitate to prioritize according to what makes you most happy. That’s it. Simple. Sweet. Sure.



Ariana Felix

Ancient seafarers navigated the sea by the stars; I use them to access intuitive strategy for navigating in your sphere & anchoring in storms. 


Illumination on the bi-monthly lunacy & how to sync like the tide using your own chart. New Moons are clarity of intention; Full Moons are climax. Get yours. 

 {Readings are via email correspondence, with optional intro via phone/Skype, allowing space & time for an intuitive & interactive conversation.} 

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