Sometimes it’s only after our life changes, whether by choice or not (solar eclipse aftermath, anyone?), that we realize what emotional residue we carry- from the past, from transition, or just what comes up in the process of practicing new methods of manifesting. It’s just like how traveling to new places breaks open your perspective. Lunar eclipses illuminate break open beliefs & feelings that are inhibiting emotional freedom. Aries (baby of the zodiac yet ruled by Mars, god of war) is concerned with the freedom of existential awareness. Being human, being fire, being raw. What we’re really facing is an opportunity to allow ourselves to exist fully, powerfully, unapologetically. This is necessary ground to cover, a necessary war to win, if we really are to become & create everything we have realized we have the potential for. Don’t shy away from your warrior call or your cry of your inner baby. Brave= fearless=you. xoxoxo Ariana



For heightened insight, read for your rising/ascendent sign. If you don’t know yours yet, go ahead with your Sun sign! Also, this is the Full Moon of the Aries New Moon in April, if you track.


Sweet Aries, this may be your big reveal. This may be your final show. Simultaneously. This may be the release of everything you know you don’t need & the embrace of everything you want. Instead of feeling surrounded by storm, it comes from up in you. You’re a natural disaster in every way- inevitable & necessary & awe-inspiring. Like a wildfire, or the earthquakes caused by continental shifting. Allow the lunacy of this eclipse to illuminate YOU. Don’t act out, just unapologetically reset your style/perceptions/approaches.


Stabilizing One, closets are for monster & skeletons & all the things you refuse to let go of. You don’t need any of that now. This is the night to leave the doors open, instead of closing them because you feel vulnerable & are afraid that all of it will come tumbling out on you. Cleanse. No more “easy” bandaids. Focus the wild warrior energy on healing what will be illuminated. Inside out.



What do you believe in enough to fight for? What change do you dream about? Who do you trust enough to stand with? What is your ideal version of the future/society/reality? Your answers may come by the realizations of what you don’t believe in, change you haven't been brave enough to embrace, misplaced trust, & a blurred vision for reinvention. Here is your chance to choose bravery with your heart-space.  Breathe. Clarity comes. Inevitably. 


Y’know that whole, “the magic happens outside of your comfort zone”? Pretty much sums it up for you right now. You may be prone to approach things with the comfort of attachment as your focus. Your eclipse mission, whether you choose to accept it or not, is to embrace the challenge of change on a level that allows for your empire to manifest. This could mean committing to being emotionally invested in things that promote new life & the fire of raw creation. This could mean no longer conforming to anything just because it’s comfortable. Say no to safe if it means saying yes to you


 It’s challenging to keep an open heart & mind when there has been betrayal, disappointment, & hurt. It’s a hard choice to remain awake, even when it’s dazing. What do we do with vulnerability & pain when it’s overwhelming? We need perspective & meaning, to transform ache into space. The wisdom that comes from understanding. This isn’t where I give you the answers. This is where you find your way out of the process of translation & become fluent in the language of your own life. That means listening to your instinct- what you (source) are trying to teach yourself is what centers everything else. 


Right here is your red light. Before you can explore all the bounty that life is ready to bestow, you must examine your relationship to pain. If you’ve been hurt & can still feel it as if it were fresh…or even if its been numbed, but you know it’s there ready to be triggered & tripped over, be brave & relentless about healing. Active healing. Warrior style. Handle yourself tender, like a baby, but firmly. Then let go & let evolution happen terrifyingly fast. Butterfly style.



Release all expectations or even hopes of “balance”. Or even “making peace”. If anything is out of place, or if anyone is trying to integrate their own drama into your life, it’s a big NO. Like, just stop. No tolerance. Now here’s the tricky part- this goes both ways. Be careful of projecting your own drama, own perceptions, own imbalances onto others. This is the eternal game of separation. On the other hand, be prepared to join forces, wholly, unreservedly, FINALLY. If you’re ready to want it. Remember, “What you put up with, you end up with."



Whatever sustainable practices you need to experience what you want to feel- in your body, in everyday life- become of utmost importance now. Every sphere of life needs to be nurtured. Now is not the time to be complacent about anything that contributes to the wholesomeness of your life & body. Organize, clean, systemize, manage, maintain, eat, & sleep- like you’re going to war. ‘Cause you are. You are a magician, transforming the mundane into magic. 



I had an epiphany a few months ago about why I kept getting The Knight, or love cards, in any tarot spread/read for me. I eventually realized that I was my own Knight. That I needed my relationship with myself tone as romantic & important as it would be with a partner. That I could be my own guru & hero all at once because I am Source, Source is me. However you translate this, know that right now it could mean everything to you if you were enough for you. Therefore, by default, you accept nothing less than Shining Armor- from you, from them, from art, from love. 



Come home. Whatever this word means to you may evolve over time- let it. Don’t be so afraid of fluid definition. It is only the attachment we create to meanings & preferred possibilities that causes us discomfort when they don’t manifest. You are Human. You are Raw. Needed. Necessary. Allowed. Whatever is changing in your core, whatever you thought you needed but never came, or never needed but got anyway, it’s ok. Breathe until you feel it in your blood. Ease into an era where your existence is acknowledged in every sense by YOU. Then let go & birth. 



If you’ve given yourself permission to change your mind without judgement, you’ve given yourself power & freedom. If you choose to be aware of the input & output you process daily- from your environment, from others, from your own mind, you have chosen power & freedom. If you choose to be a designer of thought, not a victim, you’re choosing power & freedom. See, the beauty of the mind is that it can read the heart-space. It can translate feeling into expression. What feelings/experiences are still fueling your thought processes? Disconnect or get connected. 



Even though this is a Fire moon, and an eclipse, it’s grounding for you. You may realize what’s needed in your relationship to security- literally & emotionally. You may be freed from stagnation by allowing yourself to feel. Like babies cry when they need something, right now it’s ok to do so as well. To only ever exist in the right now. Just for now. Because once we know what we’re really hungry for, we can feed- deeply & satisfyingly. Examine your sources for toxins & replace. 

Ariana Felix

Ancient seafarers navigated the sea by the stars; I use them to access intuitive strategy for navigating in your sphere & anchoring in storms. 



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