*Publisher's Note: We are thrilled to share this *free* thinking toolkit, a lunar year, grounded in Angelique's many years as an activist, herbalist, community trainer, and SisterKeeper. She's a medical advocate for sexual assault victims, social justice & anti-racism facilitator, holding monthly Red Tent circles & the online School for Medicine Womyn.  More than this, Angelique is a dear friend that has fiercely supported our global community sisterhood, for years, now. This is family medicine. *Wednesdays*

I sought a rare plant whose flower can heal nations, whose roots are magic, whose leaves cover many.
I walked seeking the markings to tell me the way. It was here I learned of boundaries...the gift the forest gave me.
It was at the center of this forest where the plant made her home.
I found a spectrum of boundaries....some made by mother spider fine lines of liquid gold.
I came upon tree limbs that gave themselves willing in the storm to mark the limits. All along the way whispers of holiness traveled in the air...take care, take care.
In my eagerness I tripped over a log into a patch of ivy...and the itch came upon me. Again, take care, take care....treat with sacred open protection....

Boundaries. The line that marks the limits of an area- a dividing line. We live in the land of in- betweens. The dichotomy of acknowledging that everything is sacred while practicing protecting the sacred. In this series we are digging deep with boundaries in different spheres of our lives acknowledging that open protection is necessary for sustainability, posterity, and longevity. As legacy builders we are building multi-dimensionally, so name your directions as work. Call in your allies, your medicine...the totems that watch over you.

Both my social justice circling and work with womyn continues to affirm the necessity of this conversation. We must clear up the misunderstandings that there are around boundaries. They are for the protection of both inside the area and outside. Boundaries are not static-for each season and area of our lives we must be willing to fluidly adjust as needed. As a legacy builder, I take very seriously the boundaries I set around myself, my work and the vision. 

Boundaries. The line that marks the limits of an area. A dividing line. The dance of boundaries is sacred. As you continue to align to your work and cast widely, your boundaries will support and protect your movement and legacy. In this series we will work on boundaries for the sacred, the self, the home, the community, and the legacy. We will deconstruct myths and erect boundaries in alignment with where we are at with what we’ve learned, they also serve as a remembrance. We will talk about cost, negotiables and non-negotiables. We’ll dig in to the discomfort and what it means to be guardians and conduits. Our capacity to throw down the dividing line with intense integrity can transform our movement quantumly. 

Let our journey begin.


Angelique Arroyo Medicine Womyn: Guidess, Healer + ActiVisionary

Phone: 7172952547

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