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November 25.   22:44 UTC.   3 degrees Gemini.

For heightened insight, read for your rising/ascendent sign. If you don’t know yours yet, go ahead with your Sun sign! This is the Full Moon of the New Moon in May. 


Gemini is a true magician. Adaptability is an ultimate form of evolution. Information is examined and integrated at the discernment of instinctual intelligence. Gemini represents the childlike innocence of using experience as a foundation for communication. Creating connections and allowing for the expression of process is raw magic. Full Moons reveal where you may have reached maximum capacity, or where you are craving input. Whatever is illuminated at this time is up for evaluation: is it relevant? is it resonant? is it articulating unspoken patterns? You are a Magician. Not just for now, but for always. Say it & see it. ~Ariana



ARIES: People, places, things. Surrounding you with input/information/insight. The subtitles of everyday life are speaking to you. Whether in whispers or in wars. Only you are able to translate your experiences into a language you find freedom in. Process is pregnant with possibility. The knowledge you integrate becomes the interface of how you exchange energy with life itself. Exhibitions you can let go of indicate areas that have reached full capacity. Are you choosing input or is it choosing you? 



TAURUS: Any alarms going off right now are waking you up to compromises within your own security system. Long term missions (such as your capacity for pleasure) can’t be manifested with ideas about what & who works in your life that are more about comfort than clarity. If you want ultimate sustainability, examine the stories you tell yourself about yourself. You’re capable of access to dimensions of enhancement- they just require long term accountability. To yourself, for yourself. 



GEMINI: If you were waiting for an auspicious time to exhibit a bold statement about who you believe yourself to be now, this is it. Being able to express yourself authentically, regardless of how you’re transitioning & how others reflect that, is the essence of flexibility right now. Don’t dwell under any delusions about your support systems. Love fights for itself. Be as candid as you are fluid & life will listen.


CANCER: Redundant patterns may be showing themselves right now as a back and forth between feeling centered & feeling compartmentalized. Is everything falling apart or into place? Is there even a difference? The more you can admit to how your mind has changed about things you used to believe in, the freer you can be to find new meaning in everything, even when it’s temporary. Even when you’ve had to let go. Over and over. Don’t force equanimity within yourself. Assemble your intentions so it evolves organically. 



LEO: Receiving what we want doesn’t always feel as freeing as we originally imagined. Sometimes making the space for visions to actualize seems more like letting go of them first. Actualizing dreams may mean making conscious choices based on short term information. This is destabilizing if we’re not centered in our long term intentions. Never underestimate the influence your beliefs about your capabilities has in relation to how much you tolerate from others. The wake up call means you’ve been dreaming. And you’re awake. So what now? 



VIRGO: You can change goals as easily as changing your mind. What was never has to be what is, as you know well. However, beware of insecurities (yours or others) within relationships that may be compromising your ability to actualize your most flawless potential. Like it or not, more room for more bliss means less of everything toxic. Or ancient. Or passive. You must remove complacency from your vocabulary if your kingdom is to thrive. Intentions rooted in heart-space will sort this out, inevitably. Meanwhile, you make love & money. 


LIBRA: Processing perspectives is a religious practice for you. And lately the influx of information is requiring you to adapt internally in ways you may not have anticipated. Somehow, letting go of everything you thought meant something but have now found irrelevant to life as you know it has done nothing but strengthen your identity. Whatever messages Gemini is sending you, you know that you belong deeply to yourself & everything else is an option. 


SCORPIO: If you’ve been having non-stop epiphanies about how absolutely done you are with an era of endless processing…be done. Manifesting is the order of operation right now, and for quite a while. This approach will be the reset your psyche has been craving. Any delusions about how interconnected your creativity is with your spiritual awareness are nothing but prohibitions now. You let go of pain because you choose the longevity of authentic power. 



SAGITTARIUS: You are only responsible for your own freedom. People are inspirations, not vessels to soothe our insecurities or validate our expressions. Those thin lines between adapting to familiar projections & the desperate fear of rejection are the mazes we must run from. If it’s not clear, it’s dangerous. Communication encourages clarity. Listening & receiving doesn’t mean prohibiting your own expression. The more seriously you take yourself, the more love you have capacity to make. Don’t forget to let the laughter in- consider it a cleansing agent. 


CAPRICORN: You’re done with this, that, and another thing. And this isn’t a setback- reconstructing an efficient existence is actually a spiritual practice. Exchange the redundant for the magical, even if this means dissolving any fantasies you had about keeping up appearances. Nothing means anything unless you make it so. Taking claim of your position as Creator means translating past-lessons into future-rules. Change is the name of the game. You got this. 


AQUARIUS: Innovation is the credo that influences your approach to life. Apply the replacement method to whatever is ending now. It’s just an opening for what you’d like to begin. If you’re able to let go of temporary satisfaction for the sake of long term gratification, you’re manifesting warrior energy. Prioritize philosophies that support the evolution of ideas. Information is a process of examining what resonates, not repeating the residue of what didn’t. That is all becomes void as of now. 


PISCES: The flexibility that flows in your attachments may seem like a trap that leaves you thirsty for your own taste of eternity. The truth is that until you allow yourself to expand from the attachments you’ve made a home out of, you won’t experience anything other than an elementary grade of manifestation. You’re capable of translating where applicable. Never doubt your understanding of the language of the unspoken. Let it loose. You’re mutable yet infinite. 

xoxooxoxoxox ~Ariana

Ariana Felix

Ancient seafarers navigated the sea by the stars; I use them to access intuitive strategy for navigating in your sphere & anchoring in storms. 


Illumination on the bi-monthly lunacy & how to sync like the tide using your own chart. New Moons are clarity of intention; Full Moons are climax. Get yours. 

 {Readings are via email correspondence, with optional intro via phone/Skype, allowing space & time for an intuitive & interactive conversation.}  

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