I’m looking at the stars reflected in the water, little sparks which are really giant suns, memories of times past. When we look at stars we are look far into the past, at suns from another era, from eons ago,  a moment that has probably exploded, a fiery ball, shattering into itself and out through time. An echo… It’s what we are all made of… stardust & memories, holding the potentiality of who we can be and the echo of who we’ve been.


I’m looking in the mirror at the reflection of myself. I am reversed, this is how I know myself, back to front. In the early days of photography, portrait prints were reversed so that clients saw themselves in photos how they saw themselves in reflections, it was what they expected to see. Now days we are so used to seeing ourselves both ways that we hold a contradiction in our being. We exist both ways, we are fragile paradoxes and intersections of that becoming. 


I’m hanging from this tree that’s hanging from the planet, all of us, me in my Southern Hemisphere and those in the Northern, hanging in opposite directions, yet all of us upside down and right way up at once. We hang from this planet at the mercy and gift of gravity, and sometimes I feel her loosen her grip on me as if I couldjust drift away, upside down, right way up, back to front, reversed, reflected.


I’m thinking about all my selves, a fragmented kaleidoscope of a being who exists in both this moment, and the folded memory of another day, who sees the present and the past while stepping into the future. Its a constant dance of discovery and becoming.


I’m looking within, my eyes turned inward, the quiet expansive stillness within. This is the dark stillness where it all settles and finds a home to land. This is the quiet cocoon from which I ever emerge, unfolding myself endlessly. This is where it all exists in the ever stillness and openness. The expanse of all the multifaceted possibilities. With my eyes shut I can find myself and see the next expression, the next movement, the one closer to that centre outwards. I spiral in in order to spiral out. It is the connected stillness at the centre of my knowing.


This card invites you to connect with your own inner landscape, to be guided by the quiet within, to see many perspectives and possibilities at once and to hold the contradictions gently. Your basket is filled with endless possibilities. Looking within, connecting to that open expanse within will allow you to see through the many reflections, illusions, realities and fragments, to see which is yours in this time and space, to allow you to unfold into the next layer.  This card invites you to be with your own wisdom and trust the many truths you hold. You are your own compass, you are both the way back home and home. You are the journey and the destination. You are it all.



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